Book Review | 10 Mississippi

I’m so happy to present this week’s book review to you.  I discovered this short story while catching up on a previous co-worker‘s blog–amazingly, he co-authored it!  This piece of fiction was created voluntarily, in hopes of raising money for the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.  No one except for PayPal took a cut from the $1.39 price-tag, and with its spooky setting I thought 10 Mississippi would be the perfect book for bringing in October.  I was right!

For anyone who spent their childhoods sitting around the campfire telling ghost stories, this twenty-two page thriller is sure to remind you of those tales.  The plot is simple:  three kids perform a dare which entails knocking on the door of a supposed haunted house and staying on the porch for ten Mississippi’s.  Also, the terrifying neighborhood dog plays an integral role in the storyline.

Along with the suspense of the dare, an element of young love is added to the mix, in the form of both Sebastian (darer) and Tommy (dare-ee) vying for the attention of new girl Jo.  It was fun to read amidst all the action taking place, the thrills holding hands might give…it definitely captures the sweetness of childhood along with the difficulties of peer pressure.

Something I especially enjoyed about this short story was the imagery.  The creaking floorboards, sharp barking of the dog Razor, and even the snapping of the letterbox lid.  My own nerves peaked when the kids looked at the house from the safety of the street and realized there was something looking back.

Although I knew this story was a short read, I was craving more when I finished!  Just like the perfect campfire tale, 10 Mississippi‘s open ending leaves readers wondering what will come of not only the kids, but the haunted house as well.  Whether you love a fun ghost story or want to help the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, reading 10 Mississippi is a win either way!  Purchase your copy here.



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Can’t wait to get my hands on this baby!!! It will be perfect to read on these lovely fall evenings with the leaves rustling around outside!!!!!

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  3. I think today is the day I pick up a Time traveler’s wife….we are leaving for the weekend so it would be perfect. And how great does this book sound with profits going to charity? Amazing!

    1. =) I hope you love it!

  4. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Loved 10 mississippi!!! Brought back childhood memories of the haunted house in my neighborhood!! What a perfect story for this time of the year!!!!

    1. Yay!!! That makes me so happy!

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