Life Changes

Some things from the past week have been really throwing me for a loop (I’ll get specific tomorrow).  All sorts of influences in my life right now are pushing me towards change and it’s hard for me to mentally let go of old lifestyle choices.   Not that I should really miss things like biting my nails or stuffing my face with popcorn, but change is so difficult!  I have a real shot at being my best me, and after some hardcore sulking, I am trying to prepare myself to make the shift.

This weekend gave me some prime opportunities to test myself, and I’m happy to say I didn’t run away because I’d have to test my willpower.  Take Friday night for instance.  Ethan and I went to see Looper (it was so good and I would recommend it to everyone).  The hard part was sitting next to Ethan as he slurped Coke and ate deliciously buttery theater popcorn.  Saturday, when I would have been absolutely content milling on Pinterest all night in my sweats, I gussied up and friends came over for some more board games and beer (although I had green tea).  What’s with all food choices?  Tomorrow, dears.  It does help that I can text my sister and mom and complain how I wish I was eating the pizza the guys ordered instead of a salad…so they are sharing a bit of my stress.

As much as I hate pressure, I know right now, it is good for me.  Really.  What part of your life is pressuring you in a positive way?

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  1. My job is pressuring quite a bit because I really want to succeed, but I don’t want to completely burn myself out. Good luck with all of your food choices! Interested to hear what led to these pressures.

    1. Moderation is key…pace yourself with your projects if you can =)

  2. interesting question. I don’t think there are any external factors right now. it’s just me. too many things I’ve wanted to change for ever and now I’m simply tired of myself. too many times that I didn’t do something because it was outside my comfort zone. I’m tired of that, too. so I’m pushing myself. and am unhappy and scared and depressed half of the day, and excited and optimistic the other half. I expect that ratio to change eventually and the fear to make space for more excitement…

    1. Pushing oneself is so hard, but worth it! I need to work on that too, and not feel like I can’t achieve my goals. =)

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