Pretty Things

I love the witch-y ways of Sandra Bullock’s character Sally Owens in Practical Magic.  The long skirts, the Keds sneakers, matching cami/cardi sets–it’s all so 90’s and I love every bit.  How would I infuse her style into my home?  By framing botanical prints and having lots and lots of glassware.

P.S.  I can watch this movie any time of year…not just around Halloween!

/ necklace / maxi / cardigan / camisole / Sandra / broomstick / eyeglasses / print / glassware /



  1. Love how you translated her from movie to decor! The botanical prints are great, but there are still some bits of 90’s that I’m willing to leave behind!

    1. Right? I love the good 90s! Not those little biker shorts with rosettes I wore to death haha.

  2. luvvleighb · · Reply

    Oh I love this movie!!!

    1. Mee too! If you couldn’t you tell =)

  3. ah! I love how you put this together! making me want to watch the movie now.

    1. Isn’t it on your list? =) I’ll prolly watch it a few times more this season hehe

  4. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Must watch that movie this month!!!!!

    1. It never gets old!

  5. Girl, I have those glasses and i LOVE this post! xo

    1. That makes me so happy!!!

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