Snow in October

I have very sad news…it snowed this weekend…not just a few flakes or a light dusting, but almost-covers-the-grass kind of snow.  I know that’s not that huge of a deal for Alaska, but this is the first time I’m really seeing it.  And I am not happy about it.  Not only is it messing with me thinking Christmas is coming instead of Halloween, but our apartment is on the chillier side and I don’t want to turn the heat on yet.  I’m in denial.

Aside from the weather, I rather enjoyed the past three days.  Friday Ethan and I watched 21 Jump Street and snuggled on the couch.  Saturday we got a few staples from the grocery store and picked up some packages from the post office, which included the programs I lost when my computer went nutso last week.  A friend came over for some video games with Ethan while I blogged, and we watched two spooky-type films (I feel like I’m giving Roxanne a run for her money with her marathon).  I also popped delicious Ladyfinger popcorn and splurged by eating a big bowl all by myself (sans butter of course).  Sunday Ethan and I grabbed Subway and groceries and settled into the evening by catching up with my parents on Skype.  I rounded out the night by tuning in to Revenge–such a perfect close to the weekend!

What did your weekend look like?  Do you have anything fun planned for the next five days?



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Wow!!!! That’s more than a dusting !!!

  2. SNOW! As I am in Dallas where it is supposed to hit 88 today, I am super jealous. I would gladly celebrate any holiday with snow. xo

    1. You say that now…Fairbanks got 4-6″ this weekend. So thankful everything melted today!

  3. luvvleighb · · Reply

    Oh my gosh… My heat would definitely be on if it snowed! You better have some thick blankets!! (I recommend faux fur ones! Kevin and I will fight over ours!) I just started watching Revenge on Netflix last week and can’t wait to catch up! SOOO good! And side note: Your dog is adorable!

    1. We definitely have a faux fur and it’s working overtime!

      1. luvvleighb · ·


  4. Lady finger popcorn!? Sounds delicious! Especially with snow on the ground. I’m kind of jealous, it’s still summer here in Florida! Can’t wait for a cold breeze.

    1. =) Smallest kernel, so tasty…we ate some tonight too! With a high of 35 this week, I’m hoping for a warm wind!!

  5. No way!!! gosh… sorry…but Simon looks precious in his sweater….that is almost worth it! plus popcorn?! Seems like you handled it perfectly. I have the feeling this is just the beginning in Alaska!

    1. Simon loves his manly sweaters, I can’t wait to add more to his collection! And yes, it definitely is the beginning!

  6. you are DEF giving me a run for my money!! I have SO MUCH movie watching to do…

    1. It’s hard when you have so much canvas to stare at instead!

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