Wishlist | Velvet Sofa

As I’ve been thinking chic-ly the past few days, I’ve also been brainstorming sexy sofas upholstered in nothing but velvet.  Whether it’s mink, bark, cafe, or toffee, I’m envisioning one of these beauties (or something like it) in our future home.  I don’t know what it is about browns lately, but they have really been doing it for me.

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  1. LOVE these! Our living room is a little awkward and we’ve never been able to squeeze a couch in, but I’d take any of these in a heartbeat!

    1. No couch?? How do you lounge?!

  2. Sexy is definitely those couches! Love the luxe colors on those.

    1. I’m glad you agree!!

  3. beautiful. but don’t you have a white dog? I seem to remember something like that. that probably sounds very unglamorous, but velvet and animal hair…. not a good combination. I’ve been there… 🙂

    1. Simon doesn’t actually shed too much, but thanks for the concern!

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