Inside #9 | A Good Find

I decided that I need to stop the purchasing of home goods for the time being.  I’ve hit a wall where I don’t know if I’m designing for this specific apartment or forever (relatively speaking).  When the thought of moving back home consumed my entire mind a few days ago, I started to worry that pieces I’ve purchased for here won’t translate to other potential homesteads…eek!  I need a bit of refocusing in the Cape before I make any more decisions for our interiors (which will be Christmas if we’re lucky).  I’m a firm believer in having a home style reflect personal style and right now I have neither figured out!  Well, I know what I want to wear, I just don’t have any of it yet.  Ya get me?

But this little cwab is  Amanda gifted me it on her last trip home; since I love animal figurines, practical vessels, and everything nautical, this is a major score.  I think I will put my little conch shell inside, the one I found on the beach of Sanibel, FL. The same beach in fact that Amanda and I saw a little British boy point at the sand and say, “look Mum, a dead cwab!”

Instead of the #9 series, I’ll be filling Wednesday’s slot with Wishlist/Inspiration (which has been appearing on Mondays) until I find a steady replacement.  I’m taking suggestions if you want to see certain content on Caviar Dreams!



  1. I’m with you!i want my future purchases to definitely tell the story of us and our style at our home. But that crab is adorable! I love it!

    1. It’s so hard with all the imagery we get hammered with, but I think being true to personal style will be most rewarding!

  2. love the crab. A perfect little treasure. I agree….always buy things thinking of a forever. I have furniture passed down to me from my parents…and it is still current today even though its 40 years old… today’s disposable society its rare….but I think better. Buy less but better. Ok….I have a wedding trip this weekend…let’s see if I can pick up hte Time traveller…fingers crossed.

    1. I hope you can! My parents have a lot of furniture handed down to them–I already know which pieces I’m stealing once we get back to the lower 48!

  3. He is perfection. LOVE critters too. Wait- You are moving??

    1. =) Well, in three years we won’t have to be in Alaska anymore, but we may move around within these three years (I was wanting to move on base).

  4. That crab is GENIUS! I fell in love just this weekend with the idea of a Tumbleweed cottage and have been unceremoniously shopping for it every night–but then I realized, NONE of the furniture we had now would probably go with. Definitely time to start thinking about the future.

    1. Haha, that’s how it goes, right?! I’m trying to envision “the mix” and it’s okay. Just wish I could be getting serious about home decor instead of this limbo I find myself in!

  5. I love your new find! Anything cute AND functional always finds its way into my cart… online or otherwise. Even better that it’s from someone you love!

    1. YES! I dislike when cute objects don’t have a function! Thanks for commenting =)

  6. luvvleighb · · Reply

    Oh this piece is a treasure! I had to slow myself down in purchasing things for home. Right now we have everything we need, so I want to take my time in replacing items with things we love and will have forever. It’s difficult trying to figure out what my own style at home is though…

    1. I know what you mean! I had a lot of items I knew I loved, but we couldn’t ship them up to AK…starting from scratch is nerve wracking!

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