Pretty Things

Who is chic-er or classier than Miss Holly Golightly?  I’d dare say Audrey herself.  Regardless, channeling our favorite Hepburn is sure to score you lots of candy for Halloween.  Don’t forget your diamonds!

/ pearl necklace / Audrey maskmatches / pumps / dog figurines / oval / pear / emerald /



  1. I’m dying for a pair of the Staffordshire dogs ….II haven’t decided if I get the furbish ones or the real ones….they are like $500 a pair….

    1. Wow, that’s pricey! I love these ones’ coloring =)

  2. luvvleighb · · Reply

    Audrey Hepburn is one of my all time favorites! I even have a pinterest board dedicated specifically to her!

    1. You are a smart lady! Audrey is so wonderful =)

  3. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Gotta love Audrey and her classic beauty!!!!!

    1. I know, I definitely do!

  4. Ahhh! This is too cute!!! Who doesn’t love Audrey/Ms. Holly G.
    Great post!

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