Hair, Scares, & the Weekend

However frustrating it was to get our oil changed (it took over five hellish hours on Saturday), I can’t help but feel positively about the weekend.  Friday Ethan came home early to tell me to promptly get ready–he had made plans to meet his squad at Buffalo Wild Wings.  It was a chilly evening, and our drive into the city was punctuated by the early setting sun.  I hated ordering a salad while everyone else drank beer and ate wings, but after we came home I popped some popcorn for a cozy viewing of Addams Family Values and felt better about it.

Saturday we woke up rather early and went to Ford for the aforementioned oil change.  We went to the mall courtesy of the shuttle, and I arrived at my hair appointment way ahead of schedule.  I didn’t mind the down time to flip through the latest issues of style magazines.  But let me tell you, I found such a great place– Salon DaVinci.

The primary reason I chose this salon is their commitment to health and well-being.  Using only organic products, I was eager to see what my stylist would recommend for my broken hairline and dull locks.  Jenn began my haircut with an analysis of my scalp and hair, providing suggestions for my dry skin and itchiness.  She then told me what style and length would complement my facial proportions (which I loved).  After a wash and rinse with Simply Organic products, Jenn used a special solution to help repair my scalp.  Then she went to town on my hair.  When she turned me around, I looked like I had my best head of hair ever: healthy, shiny and fresh.  I even have a little hint of bang.  She styled it easily and told me the light layers will be a breeze to add volume to.  I am so thankful.

The car was not finished by the time my hair was, so I walked up the road to my favorite store, Ozarks.  I milled around, smelt almost every candle, and sought inspiration in all their pretty French design books.  When the car still wasn’t done, I walked to the university center where I waited for Ethan to pick me up.  I was so exhausted, we made the plan to order pizzas from my favorite Piccolino’s .  Yes, it’s true…I said, “Screw this diet, I want gyro pizza!”  I now know, I must not indulge like that again (twenty days of eating like a rabbit has changed my body’s tolerance drastically).  Once the stars came out, we turned the heat on for the very first time!  I’m quite glad to not have to layer like crazy in my own home, but we still pulled out the furry blanket as we watched The Grey (a captivating yet depressing choice especially since it takes place in AK).

Sunday we woke up before the sunrise (eight o’clock, can you believe it?) and putz-ed around with ABC Family playing in the background.  It was a Humpy’s tee kind of day, and I enjoyed the new look of my ponytail…it’s pretty flirty!  And in honor of all the twenty degree (and below) temperatures we are experiencing, I changed my background to the above Max Wanger photo.  Oh to be blessed with such beaches all your life.

How was your weekend?  Did you watch any spooky flicks?  Are you doing anything autumnal this week?

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  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Your hair looks lovely!!!!!!!!!

  2. this beach does look amazing. we should all go there!

  3. post a photo of your new do!! Ok so finally am reading the Time Traveller’s wife…half way through….usually the book is better than the movie….but I don’t think this is the case so far. It’s fun though and was great in the plane. I also rented Friends with kids….funny…I recommend it.

    1. I’ll try to fix it up tomorrow and post one on my fb page.

  4. I used to be a hairdresser, so I know how much the right layers can do for the right hair!

    1. Anyone that can tame my hair is a miracle-worker! I just wish I had skills to style it!

  5. woot on the new hair-do! and I can’t believe it took that long for your car…how annoying. car stuff (even just getting oil changed) is SO ANNOYING!! regardless- sounds like a solid weekend to me.

  6. Sounds like a wonderful weekend–despite the oil change and chicken wings! TX was wonderful, but I am pretty delighted to be home!

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