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I miss these gals.  I miss driving downtown, walking the sidewalk up and down Main Street, weaving in and out of antique stores, and even popping into the cafe for cookies.  These photos are from last February, when my sister came home to help pick out my wedding dress!  This was such an exhausting/exciting day, and it epitomizes what I miss most right now–home.

My parents were Chicagoans for most of their lives, but not any of mine.  After having Amanda, my parents decided they wanted to raise their family some place rural and quaint.  They found my hometown with time to spare and settled into their new construction dream home while I was still belly-bound.  I lived in that same house my entire life (aside from the time I went to college in Kansas, and now).  And as much as my teenage angst wanted to leave the people/town/politics behind, I’m finding I want to return very badly.

Missouri.  Not Missour-ah.  It’s small town compared to all the blogs I read. And while I’m in AK for now, I feel like I’m more of a represention of my hometown than here.  A two hour drive is necessary to get to the nearest Anthropologie/J.Crew/Nordstrom, but the antique scene is really quite special.  And apparently there are great strides being done to fix up the downtown.  I can only imagine how great and unique it will be when Ethan and I return.

It’s easy to criticize a small town.  Sometimes I felt so disconnected from creative networks, I thought it was necessary to go to the big city (where I’d probably get swallowed up).  I always hated running into old classmates, which happens way more often around the holidays than any other time.  But I miss driving on county roads.  I miss the simplicity of options and the short commutes.  I miss going to my aunt’s for Sunday dinner and motorcycle rides with my dad.  I miss my family the most.  And I know my family misses us.  It will be three years until Ethan and I can return for good…I just wish we could visit more often in the meantime!

What’s your history?  Do you love the place you are from?  Have you ever wanted to give it up for a location that’s the exact opposite?



  1. AAWW. We miss you too. I’ll have Sunday dinners whenever you come back!!!

  2. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Awwwwwwww. You know I miss you bunches!!!!! All we can do is patiently wait til we can downtown in search of special treasures!!!! Love you!!!!

  3. I miss you and Ethan too! And can’t wait for Christmas to get here, love you!

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