Inspiration | Camille Styles Moore

There aren’t many people I stylistically admire so completely that I’d dedicate an entire post to them.  Camille Styles Moore, however, is becoming a constant source of inspiration both through her blog and features elsewhere on the internet.

Her classically pretty style sense along with her neutral home palette are both sophisticated and timeless.  Although both could be labeled borderline minimal, every detail is executed perfectly.  I mean, who comes up with a herringbone for the back of a fireplace?  Everything is so gorgeous and so natural.  Floating shelves are just one way Camille’s home maintains continuity…mirroring the stripes she is often photographed in.  Her office is a mix of more neutrals, pieced together with different textures and materials.

Someday I hope to achieve the same height of sophistication.  New personal goal perhaps?

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  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Beautiful style!!!

    1. I know! Is it unreasonable to love every bit of it??

  2. Breathtaking! I too am so inspired by her!

    1. She’s a keeper!

  3. So lovely–her home is just as chic as her blog!

    1. I know! Very refreshing to see =)

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