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There have been some seasonal posts around the blogsphere this week and it’s getting to the point of ridiculousness (good ridiculousness of course!).  I even caved and made a Pinterest board for the holiday.  Here are a few of my favorites.

Emily may be the queen of Halloween.  My favorite detail from her festivities are the coroner tags on soda bottles!

Chelsea is back at Buckets and Bunches, did you know that?  She wisely dubbed this week “Creep Week” and offered some interesting decor ideas.

Even though it’s not really Halloween-y, Bradley sported some delicious black pieces with a brighter graphic top.

It’s much too cold here for bare legs!  As you can imagine, I’m jealous of this autumn-hued ensemble by Julia.

Lastly, Chanel is full of ideas for costumes this year!  Her latest headpiece left me wanting to elevate my own plans for the holiday.



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Love the coroner tag soda bottles!!!!!

    1. Meee too! Subtle!

  2. Love the berkin costume!!

    1. It’s such a chic costume!!

  3. I love that art work over at Buckets and Bunches, great find!

    1. I know, she really took Creep Week to the next level!

  4. I love Chanel’s ideas! They seriously are one of a kind!

    1. Such a visionary =)

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