Baby Gets a Haircut

After four months, three sweaters, and one cone, Simon’s coat was looking pretty shabby.  He could barely see through his bangs, and there were some pretty gnarly knots around his neck and rump.  He had gotten into the phase of fighting me anytime I bring out the brush, so you can believe how increasingly difficult it was to groom him.

I knew I needed to take him to a doggie salon, but Ethan wasn’t happy when I told him I made an appointment.  He likes Simon looking like a little fuzzy wuzzy!  And although I love how cuddly he is all fluffy, I couldn’t risk his tangles getting any worse.  So we went to Pet Smart…I couldn’t find many other groomers, oddly enough!

When we arrived Saturday morning, the lady at the counter told me that they had to shave him clean.  His knots were so bad apparently (which made me feel like an awful mama).  They told me they would keep his tail, ears, and snout–so I was expecting bare skin everywhere else.  Needless to say, I was sick to my stomach kissing him goodbye.

To keep my mind off it, Ethan and I met up with the Sanchezes for some workout time in the gym.  I haven’t been to a gym in over two years, so I was nervous about that too!  We stayed for an hour and then regrouped at Olive Garden for lunch.  I was sentenced to their garden salad without cheese and croutons, but it was still satisfying.  Not too long after Pet Smart called, and we rushed back to get our baby.

After paying they brought out my Simon, and I was so so happy to see him looking like my little lamb.  He still has hair on his body thank God, and his face is so open and bright!  I haven’t stopped telling him how cute and pretty he is since we picked him up.

You’d never believe he was so delicate under all that fur!  Simon is definitely faster running around the apartment now, and so much softer without his damaged hair.  I can’t wait to take more pictures of him.  Such a sweetie.  Do you like the change?  It still surprises me, but I love it.  Happy Monday, darlings!


  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    He is so handsome!!!!!

    1. I knooow. I love his hair both short and long!

  2. Awww! He is so cute! He is tiny under all that hair!

    1. Isn’t he? Such a little skinny man now!

  3. cutie!!!! well now he looks like he could eat some oreos 🙂 I hope it grows back soon just because its getting colder…is he chilly? does he wear a sweater to go out?

    1. Yes, he’s had his bout of shivering, so I’ve been experimenting with layers. His little autumn sweater is still the best go-to. And I don’t know about oreos! But I do slip him popcorn waaay too often =)

  4. OMG! So cute. I have a Maltipoo with curly curly hair and it breaks my heart when I have to cute it.

    chelsie |

    1. Awww, I bet your pup is a cutie!!! Simon has curly hair if I don’t brush him frequently…then when I do, he looks like a huge poof! Thanks for commenting!

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