Inspiration | Marie Antoinette

Happy Halloween!!!  I can’t believe how quickly October flew by…this whole year actually!  Halloween is something that runs strong with my family–did you know that my aunt got married on Halloween…costumes and all?  Really, she set the standard for the ultimate party and I can’t seem to get excited without countless decorations and a cotton candy machine!!

With all her parties as precedents, I have always wanted to carry the torch with my own festivities.  I have a list in one on my various notebooks with all sorts of themes for the coming years.  Believe me, I’m going to go all out.  Like, planning all year-long and major DIY projects.  One of the themes I think would be unbearably fun is Marie Antoinette.  And I’d use all these ladies as inspiration!  Other future themes include Alice in Wonderland and the seven deadly sins.

Although this year is even more chill than the previous, I still am looking forward to munching on (gluten-free) candy and wearing my pumpkin-orange hoodie.  How are you spending this year’s Halloween?

PS. I wrote this post before Roxanne revealed this year’s costume!  Great minds think alike, right?

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  1. and chili and hot dogs and Leaf Man. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

    1. Happy anniversary, T!

  2. I love Marie Antoinette inspiration, she was a true party hostess! This Halloween, we’re staying home with the cats we are pet-sitting (one is a festive black cat!) and we are handing out candy 🙂

    1. Sounds delightful! Sadly, we had a bowl full of candy and no trick-or-treaters =(!

  3. Such fabulous inspiration! I’m a Rockford Peach this year–Betty Spaghetti, if I had to pick one!

    1. Ah-maz-ing. Love Betty.

  4. great minds Dana! great minds! I actually JUST posted up the complete DIY for my costume. I’ve always been a huge fan of good ol’ Marie (esp the movie). happy halloween btw!! xoxo

    1. =)! You did such a fabulous job!!

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