Monthly Archives: October 2012

Links I Like

There have been some seasonal posts around the blogsphere this week and it’s getting to the point of ridiculousness (good ridiculousness of course!).  I even caved and made a Pinterest board for the holiday.  Here are a few of my favorites. Emily may be the queen of Halloween.  My favorite detail from her festivities are […]

Spooky Things

It’s almost Halloween!!!   This year I’m finding inspiration with more of the “strange and unusual.”  In other words, styling objects that may not otherwise be spooky in interesting and peculiar ways.  Have fun picking up your last-minute decorations before the big day! / boots / crow / rings / flowers / skull /eyelashes / taxidermy […]

Inspiration | Camille Styles Moore

There aren’t many people I stylistically admire so completely that I’d dedicate an entire post to them.  Camille Styles Moore, however, is becoming a constant source of inspiration both through her blog and features elsewhere on the internet. Her classically pretty style sense along with her neutral home palette are both sophisticated and timeless.  Although […]