Monthly Archives: November 2012

Book Review | The Sugar Queen

Oh this book is living proof I should not judge books by their covers!  After devouring these so many months ago, I had yet to find a new-to-me book that gave me joy while reading.  I remember seeing this book on my initial introduction to Sarah Addison Allen, but stuck up my nose at the […]

Christmas Things

Since we’re limited with bags to check at the airport, Ethan and I will be getting cash or gift cards this year…guaranteed.  Really, being home in the first place will be gift enough for us.  But–if I was making an ultimate list of potential presents, I’d include a perky signet ring for my pinky, custom-framed […]

Ozarks Antiques and Decor

Ozarks Antiques and Decor has always been impressive, but this holiday season the shop is nothing short of a marvel.  I stopped by two weekends ago to pick up a spool of pink velvet ribbon and couldn’t resist sharing the Christmas decorations with you (especially since most of you won’t have the chance to see […]