Friday Special | Anjolee

Here’s a little sparkle for your Friday!  These pretty studs are the new occupants of my ear lobes, and I must say I could get used to this kind of glamor!  If you hadn’t already guessed, I’m not usually glittery.  The only time I’m not wearing my baby studs is for very special occasions (like my wedding!).  But recently I noticed I was craving more of a statement stud-wise.  To my surprise, Anjolee contacted me shortly after, encouraging me to scroll through countless diamond-adorned pieces.  Although their tennis bracelets and necklaces are drool-worthy, if I had to choose a sparkly new addition to my collection I’d pick the earrings.

And so I did!  Amazingly, Marla (the consultant I was corresponding with via email) shared with me Anjolee’s interest in gifting me something…so I jumped at the chance to own one of their earth-friendly products.  Marla’s promptness and flexibility didn’t hurt either.

One minor hiccup from the experience was the company’s inability to send the jewelry to Alaska, but I solved that problem by having Anjolee send to my mom’s address (and then she sent it to me in a larger package).  I received the earrings this weekend and the sparkle still surprises me when I look in the mirror!

Treat yourself this afternoon by clicking through Anjolee’s website–you’ll be glad you did!



  1. Lucky you! Gorgeous 🙂

    1. Thanks for chatting with me about this, L!

  2. Um, drool! I LOVE them. perfect for adding sparkle to your AK ensembles. xo

    1. I certainly need the sparkle boost too!

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