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I used to hula hoop a lot.  It was one semi-athletic thing I felt good at, and I could go for days.  Okay, maybe not days, but my record is twenty-five minutes straight.  It requires constant movement, consistency and the perfect balance of thinking too much and not enough.  And when the hoop dipped a little too low, to a point I felt I couldn’t recover, I’d try with all my might to get it back up into the safe zone around my hips.

Blogging is similar.  Everyday we put so much effort into our online endeavors.  Some are sailing smoothly and so inspiring to watch, while others are just chugging along trying not to let it drop.

Within the blogsphere, it is becoming increasingly difficult to treat blogging as just a hobby/escape.  With thousands of thousands of bloggers in existence, it is easy to obsess over site traffic, daily comments, and repins of original content on Pinterest.  We read our favorite blogs and think, “man, I need to up my game,” “ugh, why didn’t I take pictures of my popcorn last night and write about it this morning?”  Or my personal favorite, “I need cute clothes so I can start being a style blogger…but I guess I need a DSLR then too.”  (Yes, these have crossed my mind, it’s true).

Isn’t it funny (and sometimes sad) what energy we put into blogging and not other aspects of our life?  It’s as if we are making ourselves too available, stretching ourselves too thin, and we are droning on…trying to win the never-ending contest.  But if we let our guard down, and let the hula hoop slip, we may be out of it all together.

I don’t know about you, but putting myself out there, finding new blogs to leave a little message on, tweeting about everything, is gobbling me right up.  Since realizing how much time I devote  everyday to blogging, I’m cleaning house a bit on who I follow and what I read.  I may also be reigning in the amount of boards I follow and tweeters I read.  Don’t worry, I’m still hula hooping.  I actually enjoy it…especially since I get to see all the great things happening in the lower 48.  And I hope you stick with me while I shift gears over the season, as I find new positions to get comfortable in.  I’d love to bring more of what I know and do to you, my lovelies, and let the rest fall away.

Do you get this same feeling about blogging?  Are you bogged down by too many bookmarked sites, or do you love the competition?

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  1. I had a moment just like this one the other day. I was worried about whether or not a wedding I liked would do well with my readers, and then I thought–what a completely ridiculous thought. People pop up on my blog because they like what I’m doing, and if I stop, then why blog?

    1. Totally! And any wedding you like we will like, you have such a good eye for the most beautiful celebrations, no matter what the style!

  2. Yes. totally agree. When I resumed the blog last month I told myself to have fun, and don’t go to that point where I am stressed and getting that competitive feeling. Enjoy it! We enjoy you! xo

    1. Yes. Fun is the key! =)

  3. Ok, I’m glad I’m not alone. I had a blogging meltdown the other day….and my husband helped bring everything into perspective. ANd the thought of buying a DSLR…..the photos you sent me are amazing….what camera is that? it works perfectly…..I have kept away from twitter and just post about what I’m posting that day….but don’t engage too much. I do feel like this whole blogging thing could easily take over your life….you just have to keep things in perspective. I for one want to live my life and not instagram and tweet away instead….I feel like a lot of people live through social media instead of just enjoying the moment…..I don’t know….I could write a whole essay….but I get you 100%!! and know exactly how you feel. xx

    1. Aww, thanks lady. I’ll send you the link to my camera elsewhere, but I always worry my photos won’t be good enough (hello no background in photography!). So I rarely post other than Simon and nature on here. Meltdowns are sometimes a blessing–all the pent-up frustration comes out and we can see clearer after the fact. Love what you are doing! And thanks so much for your support =)

  4. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Keep on hula hooping! You’re great at it!!!!!

    1. Hehe thank you!

  5. while I can’t hula hoop to save my life (and your record is very impressive!), I totally hear you on the blogging front. I think my constant battle is deciding whether or not I’m trying to hard…you know? Or I’m over thinking the ‘voice’ I’m trying to set forth. I finally just got over it when I realized and started treating my blog like it was more of a time capsule of myself. moments, memories, reflections- it’s great to have a place to capture that…and if I gain readers along the way…then so be it. ahh the ebbs and flows of running/writing a blog!

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