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I’ve been looking forward to the weekend since Sunday, believe it or not!  We have a few good plans in store, and I absolutely am so excited to be taking a drive out to the mountains with my boys.  This week, I successfully walked to the polling place in the freezing cold and conducted surgery on Simon’s Giraffey.  I also got lots of reading and writing done, which is always a good thing!  Ethan and I even started and finished the first season of The Walking Dead (we were in desperate need of a new series).  Health-wise, I introduced a small amount of cheese into my diet that didn’t cause any skin issues (hooray for future taco nights!).  And to top it all, we were approved for leave!  I booked our flight home in record speed.  Cannot wait for the holidays.  Check out the links I have been re-clicking all week after the jump.

Matchbook’s November issue is hot off the press!  Inside is featured this amazing apartment owned by the lovely Robyn–truly a gal after my own heart.  I mean, that hair, those wall colors, and a classically named pup?  Get out of town.

Jen featured Chanel’s unique style.  I love her insights on shopping and how she adores coats regardless of Texas’ climate!

I caught up on one of the cutest families in the blogsphere this week–Naomi‘s of course!

Sarah is a show stopper in her tiny dots tights.

Happy weekending!



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Happy weekend to you!!!!! The greatest thing for me this week was to hear leave was approved!!!!! I need to get going on decorating for our early Christmas!!!!!!!

    1. I know! I’m so so so excited!!!

  2. Horray for the holidays–how wonderful!

    1. My family is so close–you can imagine how excited we are!

  3. Yeay for cheese!! So glad you get to go home for the holidays. Now that is something to be thankful for. Happy weekend!!

    1. Yes, extremely thankful =)

  4. ✚ sounds like some fun stuff!! poor giraffey 😦 ❤

    1. Giraffey is all stitched up now, no worries. He gave us a bit of a scare though! Thanks for commenting =)

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