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Does anything other than the fit and style of clothing have influence over your shopping habits?  I’m not talking price, although I love a good deal as much as the next person.  Are you a slave to certain designers no matter what they produce?  Do you shop only in boutiques?  Do you read the tags in your clothing?

Since beginning the rehash of my style so many moons ago, I started to read tags compulsively.  If you are to ever see me in a store, I’m usually delving inside the cloth to retrieve the tags.  Quite glamorous.  What am I looking at?  Where the product was made and what it is made of.

I have such an inner battle between buying what I like and buying what is made in the USA.  So few companies choose America these days, it’s really only small designers that have USA on their labels.  A whole trove of vintage clothing may fill this requirement, but that requires so much more effort to hunt down.  I haven’t quite found a place here that has racks and racks of clothes…so that narrows shopping down to visits home.

But that is just one aspect.  Now that my skin is more sensitive than ever, I have to start narrowing down the fabrics I wear.  Polyester hates my body, and wool is just too itchy.  I refuse to find a dry-cleaners since we pay so much for normal laundry anyway…so that leaves me with cotton?

Both of these factor into how I shop, so once they are okay-ed, I can then decide if the piece is within the style I want.  It is a bit of a headache.  I can’t tell you how much I value companies like Kiel James Patrick that perfect their craft within our country.  But I want more than just belts and bracelets–I want whole outfits, and a whole closet full!

Do you shop shapes you love, or do you have other motives when buying clothing?  Do you have any go-to brands that are made in America?

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  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Looking forward to our search for vintage clothing!!!!!

  2. What a great topic! I do tend to pull out the tags when it comes to the cleaning process. I do not go to the dry cleaners, so that isn’t even an option… (I always love Pitaya’s clothing, but I swear everything is dry clean only!) But usually I pick out clothing based on the style. I used to go to brand names when I lived at home and had money, but now that I have bills, I stick to style. My favorite places to shop are usually when I travel and I find quaint stores that we don’t have in my city! (Key West was a blast!)

    1. Ooh, yes–I love little shops that are unique to different areas! I remember this incredible hole-in-the-wall in Temple Bar (Dublin). My sister got a teal pointed hoodie and I still wish I would have gotten something similar! Thanks for sharing, Leigh =)

  3. I’m notorious for only shopping at the same places. Lately, especially with so many great online retailers now, I’ve tried to look for new items at places I’ve never shopped before, so I can get a bit more variety in my wardrobe. As for dry cleaning things, I tend not to worry about it too much, but I also will wear things over and over and over and OVER again before I ever take them to the cleaners. I also use quick at home treatments for small stains and such (example: I stained a silk shirt with something oily, and used the ol’ cornstarch remedy and it worked perfectly). The funny thing is, I’m the way with beauty products that you are with clothes. I check ingredient labels like a crazy person!

    1. That all makes sense =) And I don’t think there is much wrong with sticking to the places you know work for you! Thank you so much for your insights, Victoria!

  4. Just like Victoria, I hardly ever wash my clothes. Dry clean or not. I don’t like to wear out my jeans, I don’t like to fade my darks, I don’t like to be harsh on the dry clean products. And then, I have a couple of brands that I go to for those investment pieces and other for satisfying the trend cravings I have. When things fit my body I will be super loyal.
    I guess when I think about made in the USA- I love supporting artists and up and comers, because I want to do that someday. However, I believe in free trade, I get a little worried about items that are overly subsidized. So, when I buy clothes, that is not a big factor for me. But lady, now when I shop I will definitely keep my eye open for those labels. So, yeah. I shop shapes, design, size! Size and fit are what it boils down too usually. Love this thoughtful post. xo

    1. That’s so funny–three wears of my jeans and they are stretched out beyond belief! It’s a bit annoying, really. I don’t know if it’s all those design conscious courses I took in school or what, but I simply can’t shake feeling bad about buying clothes made in China! I’d LOVE for you keep your eyes peeled for me. You’re the best =)

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