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Hey lovelies, it’s officially time for me to dream about Christmas, play holiday music, and start decorating!  I really hate to rush through Thanksgiving, but I’m more excited than ever for this season!  To keep myself from playing Dino and Nat King Cole Christmas favorites, I played these two songs repeatedly this week…and I must say they are mighty fun to dance to while cooking.  My interest in Gin Wigmore spiked with her presence in the Heineken/James Bond commercial and “The Gift of Revenge” ads by Neiman Marcus for Target.  I’m not too keen on her Pandora station, but her album may be better straight through.  Anyways, here are some other things I liked this week.

I must be running up Kristen‘s views on this particular post…I just think these avocados are genius and I can’t wait to try them!  Of course I had to show my mom and sister too.

Dina killed it with this outfit.  Enough said.

I discovered this Etsy shop and I’m happy to say I’ve already made my first purchase.  Crossing my fingers it is perfect!

While I cleaned the apartment for company, I listened to this virtual chat by the lovelies Joy Cho and Naomi Davis.  Take a listen if you are interested in upping your blogging game!

I did dare to start a holiday board on Pinterest this week that I am wanting to make a reality!  Believe me, it is in the works.

That’s all I have for you this week!  Are you partaking in the Black Friday craziness?  Last year was my first year out in it in ages (not by choice, I had to work!), and I am more than happy to be staying in today!  That doesn’t mean I won’t be looking for sweet online deals though.  If anyone sees discounted Frye boots, tweet me!



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    No Black Friday craziness for me!! Working 😦
    Christmas tunes for me tomorrow while decorating!!!!!!!!!! I have special company that will be here in 17 days!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Very special indeed!

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