Thanksgiving Weekend

Did everyone enjoy the long weekend?  Ethan was released early on Wednesday and had Thursday and Friday completely off (woo!), which gave us plenty of time to lounge in each others’ company.  Wednesday I was a busy-body prepping everything I could possibly imagine for Thanksgiving.  I handled my first turkey, which was a whopping sixteen pounds!  I think I was so nervous about the following day’s meal that I didn’t get a good night’s sleep though.  I woke up on Turkey Day to a fridge full of uncooked food, and just after I put the turkey in the oven, our first guests arrived.  Funny enough, Ethan wasn’t even awake yet.

While the men folk enjoyed video games and talking about work, I tried becoming the proper hostess, which meant refilling the appetizer plate a million times and breaking down the beer boxes (that sounds terrible, but the drinking did start that early).  I shuffled around with Disney music and even sang a few lines out loud.  I was basically done in the kitchen when the Thanksgiving Day Parade aired (noon our time), and as the men played a round of Clue I tried to rest my eyes on the couch.

By the time the rest of our guests arrived, dinner was steaming and ready to eat.  We all shared what we were thankful for, and not ten minutes later we all had full bellies.  I cleaned up while everyone vegetated and lazily talked about Christmas and New Year’s plans.  Ethan and I polished off the rest of the cookies as our guests left to shop the sales around nine.

Friday Ethan and I were quite unproductive.  I gave myself a french manicure while Ethan played more games; I also hunted online for the perfect leather jacket, which I have still yet to find.  We snacked on leftovers all day and a friend came over to help eat all the pie we didn’t get to the night before.  Overall, it was a recharge day.

Saturday we had an early start with Simon’s check-up at the vet.  We had to go to acquire a health certificate to fly and I was relieved to see he hadn’t gained weight from all the turkey scraps I spoiled him with.  Once home Ethan and I started preparing for our night out to see the Cincinnati Ballet perform The Nutcracker.  Going to the show was our Christmas gift to each other, and I must admit I was happy to cross off  “see a ballet” from my mental bucket list.  Although the night was extremely chilly, I dressed up in black and pearls.  We walked through the snowy city park that was aglow with blue lit trees to the Atwood Concert Hall a half hour before the doors opened.

I’ve been known to be a bit of a people watcher, and Alaskans are my new favorite subjects.  There was everything from formal dresses to jeans and baggy tie-dye tees, and enough eccentric fur coats to keep my eyes busy.  Once in the cozy hall, Ethan and I read up on the ballet’s synopsis and just twenty minutes later, the lights dimmed.  The dancing, the orchestra, the sets–everything was beautiful!  My favorite character was of course little Minnie the poodle, and we laughed at some embellishments afforded by the performers (like impromptu Michael Jackson moves and some playful break-dancing).  Altogether I felt like the audience was over-zealous with their clapping, but I very much enjoyed the production.  After the show, Ethan and I exchanged notes.  I was rather glad I put a pair of wool socks in the car for the ride home.

Sunday I stayed in bed (the light was just so pretty all day) and I puttered on the Internet, getting inspired, getting ahead on some blogging and getting some chill time in with Simon.  We ate some barbequed turkey for dinner and settled in for two hours of amazing TV with Revenge, The Walking Dead, and deliciously salty popcorn.

That about covers the excitement of our weekend!  What did you do?  Do you plan to see The Nutcracker in your town or do you prefer to snuggle up with holiday movies at home?

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  1. Please blog about the perfect leather jacket when you discover one. I’d be very interested to hear about it. Sorry, I’m a cultural heathen; I sat through my niece’s ballet group’s version of The Nutcracker and I never want to do that again. Never. My niece has already started hinting about this year’s dance recital…

    1. Oh my goodness, children’s recitals are always tedious!!

  2. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    It’s a shame the preparation and clean up takes so the long, but indulging in the meal is absolutely wonderful and so worth it!

    1. I know! I just wish we had some jello though…and real bread!

  3. Congrats on preparing your meal! I am sure you felt absolutely spoiled to spend so much time with Ethan. People watching really is the most fun. xo

    1. It was pretty strange, the good strange though!

  4. Oh, how I adore the Nutcracker! Growing up my mom was actually our local company’s costume mistress, so the Sugarplum Fairy’s tutu would live with us for a few weeks in September–it only enhanced the magic! John’s never seen it, and I think we’re going to the SF Ballet’s production this year!

    1. That sounds magical!! Going together will definitely be so wonderful for both of you; it was quite a lovely date night for us =)

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