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Believe me when I say, it is COLD here.  Like, high of 16 degrees cold.  And that’s on good days.  Back home it’s still in the fifties and sixties (might I remind you, those are summer temps here), and ooh, I’m jealous.  I’ve actually been wearing my big winter coat to walk Simon outside at night…there’s no point in shivering.  Reflecting on winters’ past, I’ve figured this is my first winter I’m really prepared for (since I was little and had a snow suit).

Although Missouri and Kansas weren’t nearly as extreme as Alaska, I never thought it imperative to be properly suited for winter.  I wore so many inadequate layers and normal shoes, walking to campus was always a feat.  I’d have a sweating torso, freezing limbs, and take off my headgear halfway try to balance everything out.  I’m sure everyone thought I was nuts.  But I didn’t know I could be more efficient with my clothing.  I couldn’t remember doing anything else.

My mom and I started planning for Alaska winters well in advance…it was April to be exact.  I’ve always been very prone to being cold, so when we stepped into the North Face in West County, I geared myself up with a big-time jacket–length past my knees, fur-trimmed hood, puffy down coat in beige.  We got a swinging deal on it too.  Since then, I’ve added two jackets to my collection and snow boots.  Some mornings I can get by with both jackets and jeans, but I’m afraid I’m only more grumpy with Simon when I do.  And I hate that.

It’s really frustrating sometimes thinking of all the cute outerwear bloggers are sporting.  I had my try with an Emerson Fry camel coat last year,with normal weather and I couldn’t do it.  I was freezing and itchy (not a good combo).  My peacoat I left at home is the absolute worst with static cling.  And I feel like a blimp in it.  I may just have to get used to being cozy and warm and belt my North Face coat for good measure.  I can’t imagine anything different for this kind of cold!  I was hoping for a sassy coat for nicer events than grocery shopping, but that’ll have to wait for now.  Feeling like Randy from A Christmas Story has its perks though…especially when I can be outside for a few minutes and not turn into an icicle.

Side note:  The North Face brand has such a bad rep by most of my friends, and is quite the staple for the sororities back home.  Regardless of what it means and the stereotypes it has, I’m quite thankful for the warmth it gives me!  Even if I’m not trekking the mountains of Chugach State Park when I wear it.

Do you live for the cold?  Or are you like me and feel chilled all too frequently?

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  1. I hate being cold as well….I prefer to look like the marshmallow man than be cold. In my world North face doesn’t have a bad rap……hmmm….interesting. There are gorgeous coats out there that will withstand Alaskan weather… Moncler…..but boy are they expensive…I fell in love with a wonderful jacket the other day only to see it was $2,000……maybe there are other ones out there? I think you need to be warm and cozy….when you get back home you can wear your more stylish ones!

    1. I don’t know how it started, but it’s silly anyway! I wear my North Faces all the time up here. And wow!!! That’s a pricey coat, but I bet it fabulous 😉

  2. I have the most amazing vintage shearling coat I scooped up at a vintage store in VT–I left it at home on the East Coast when I moved to SF since I have no need for that much warmth, but when the milk freezes between the store’s front door and your car in the parking lot, I LOVE that coat!

    1. That sounds like a wonderful winter staple! I love shearling coats, always wanted one!

  3. lol…your comment on north face cracked me up. those pull over ones are SOOO popular in colleges! can I ask which one you have? I’m trying to get myself one prior to our honeymoon in iceland! haha…

    1. Of course! I have the Denali in white (with blue/green plaid on top) and a black Osito. They are both the same size, but the Osito is snugger, which makes wearing both at the same time really doable. I’ve spent a lot of money on various track jackets/hoodies/etc, and these NFs are always my go-to.

  4. I’ve never heard of the North Face having a bad rep either! All the girls in high school wore their sweaters! It was the ‘thing’. But yes, I am prone to cold as well! Ev says I always think it’s cold when it’s not. I guess we are the crazies. haha

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