Ozarks Antiques and Decor

Ozarks Antiques and Decor has always been impressive, but this holiday season the shop is nothing short of a marvel.  I stopped by two weekends ago to pick up a spool of pink velvet ribbon and couldn’t resist sharing the Christmas decorations with you (especially since most of you won’t have the chance to see it in person!).  I understand that it is still November, but I have the holiday bug baad!  Ethan had to restrain me from posting this before Thanksgiving!

Credenza drawers overflowing with vintage ornaments, tinsel strands filling vases and brass pitchers, twinkle lights lacing through whimsical vignettes–and too many Christmas trees to count!  I know the chair below isn’t holiday-specific, but I couldn’t not include it!  The colors are so sweet, and it’s so soft in person!   And after walking around Ozarks, I acquired an obsession for these precious home and church models.  I mean…I will take them all.

My own Christmas tree is silver tinsel (a major score I got years ago from Urban Outfitters), so these sparkly wreath cut-outs wouldn’t make much of an impact.  But I love their simplicity!  I may just have to get them anyway (for future projects of course!).

Something really great about Ozarks is how the staff divides the two-story space.  Groupings of furniture and smaller objects denote particular styles…and the addition of holiday extras really helps to personalize each space.  Whether you are au naturale, girly-girl, or nautically inclined…there is something for everyone (well maybe not minimalist!)!  I particularly loved all the gold like the dainty ornaments below.

Are you feeling overwhelmed yet?  I’m sorry if you do!  I had such a hard time narrowing down the photographs to these fifteen!

Ah, so many shiny baubles and sparkle, I’m feeling so inspired to put up Ethan’s and my first tree!  Tell me, what picture gets you excited for the season?  Do you have any unique ideas for decorations this year?  I’m thinking of unbreakable tree things…like popcorn garlands and paper chains.

Special thanks to Nancy, the owner of Ozarks, for letting me document her beautiful decorations.  Visit them here and here!


  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Oh what a Christmas wonderland!!!!!!! I especially like the church on the white dresser, it is very unique!!!!!

    1. I know I loooove them…I want them all!

  2. Oh, some of those ornaments are adorable. I need to keep collecting. xo

    1. Hehe get to it, girl!

  3. So many cute decorations! Obsessed with vintage ornaments and those little churches are amazing!

    1. I agree completely!

  4. wow- I’m not a christmas fan…and they have some pretty cute stuff!!

    1. Well that explains your Christmas Pin-board name! =)

  5. it is all awesome! i love the chair and i think i need an owl like that in my life.

    1. I’m glad you approve! I’m visiting the store again this weekend and I’m picking up some treasures =) Thank you for stopping by!

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