Book Review | The Sugar Queen

Oh this book is living proof I should not judge books by their covers!  After devouring these so many months ago, I had yet to find a new-to-me book that gave me joy while reading.  I remember seeing this book on my initial introduction to Sarah Addison Allen, but stuck up my nose at the cover art and decided it wouldn’t be as good as the others.  After feeling depressed from my last, however, I decided to give it a shot, and pressed purchase and confirm on my nook.  It took just over 24 hours for me to complete The Sugar Queen–and that was with me trying to draw it out!

Set in the fall and winter of a ski resort town, The Sugar Queen shares the lives of three unlikely young women: Josey Cirrini, infamous from her childhood and somewhat of an emotional eater; Chloe Finley, sandwich maker and lover of books (most of the time); and Della Lee, the elusive rough and tumble waitress who just so happens to be camping out in Josey’s closet.  As their lives entwine as the seasons change, they can’t help but wonder why its happening now, and if something greater has brought them together.

With each woman’s weakness at a pinnacle, Josey, Chloe and Della Lee must reevaluate their lives and everyone in it.  Josey’s love affair with candies and cakes begins to be overshadowed by her admiration of Adam, her mailman. Chloe rediscovers what it means to be alone when her boyfriend Jake tells her a heartbreaking secret.  Della Lee hides from her decisions and chooses to tamper with Josey’s routine instead.  And no one can ignore the effects of Julian’s creeping, yet seductive presence.

I can confidently tell you this  And I’m happy I disregarded it at first as I more adequately enjoyed it during our snowy November.  It had just enough romance, the perfect balance of intrigue, and supernatural nuances sprinkled throughout.  The Sugar Queen would be the perfect read to cozy up with during the holidays, after a get-together with a big mug of hot chocolate.  And because it is just so fitting, here is a sweet quote to further peak your interest.

While I was visiting Sarah Addison Allen’s website, I saw something absolutely exciting…a new book is coming out in 2013!  Can you believe it will 2013 in a month?  Unbelievable.  Anyway, go buy this book.  Or download it.  It will make you happy.

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  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Can’t wait to snuggle up with yet another Sara Addison Allen book!!! And from your review, sounds like it will be a great read as were the others!!!!

    1. Oh it is…soooo glad we waited!

  2. Amanda Wozniak · · Reply

    can’t wait to read this one as well!

    1. I can’t wait for you to read it either! I want to talk about it with someone!!!!!

  3. I love the cover. I will keep in mind…..I may try the twin one first.

    1. If you want something cheerful, choose this one first! Her Fearful Symmetry is dark!

  4. Putting this on my Kindle for the flight home!

    1. Woo, goood. You’ll breeze through it =) Happily, I hope!

  5. Ooh, I love how excited you were by this one! Going to get it! xo

    1. So fun, I just ate it up hehe.

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