Monthly Archives: November 2012

Conversationality | Keeping Warm

Believe me when I say, it is COLD here.  Like, high of 16 degrees cold.  And that’s on good days.  Back home it’s still in the fifties and sixties (might I remind you, those are summer temps here), and ooh, I’m jealous.  I’ve actually been wearing my big winter coat to walk Simon outside at […]

Thanksgiving Weekend

Did everyone enjoy the long weekend?  Ethan was released early on Wednesday and had Thursday and Friday completely off (woo!), which gave us plenty of time to lounge in each others’ company.  Wednesday I was a busy-body prepping everything I could possibly imagine for Thanksgiving.  I handled my first turkey, which was a whopping sixteen […]

Links I Like

Hey lovelies, it’s officially time for me to dream about Christmas, play holiday music, and start decorating!  I really hate to rush through Thanksgiving, but I’m more excited than ever for this season!  To keep myself from playing Dino and Nat King Cole Christmas favorites, I played these two songs repeatedly this week…and I must […]