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If you remember this post, I took things to a more personal level…and it seemingly got a positive response.  So, with the holidays drawing nearer, and everyone buzzing with that crazy/excited energy, I’m taking today to reflect on some more things that make me decidedly me.

1.  I’m a girl with glasses.  As if you couldn’t tell by the picture to your right!  While some gals have the luxury of perfect eyesight and contacts, I am a slave to my frames.  You see, about four years ago when I was in college, I would wake up, walk to campus and need to pop some pills in my first class, everydayI was getting such bad headaches that I knew something wasn’t right.  And after having 20/20 all my life, the last thing I suspected was my eyesight.  I went to the doctor on my Christmas break and she suggested I get my head scanned (eek!); my mom wisely suggested we wait on that until after my yearly eye appointment.  When my optometrist told me what I had was an eye ailment issue and not my actual sight, I was more than confused.  But he explained that my eyes were positioned to focus on different points (the less obvious version of a lazy eye), and my headaches were caused by my eye muscles working overtime to correct this.  The result of this issue?  None other than prism lenses, not that I had ever heard of them before.  Because my eyesight was just fine, and my muscles were to blame, lenses that made of prisms would redirect my focus to the same, centered point.  Bye-bye any hope for contacts (as a convex lens would defeat the physics of it all!)  I got my first pair of glasses after a humungous bill, and tried to cope with the fact that the only way to correct my eyes sans glasses was surgery.

My lenses cost so much that I can only really afford a new pair of frames every year.  And by then my prescription has already changed, so one current pair is all I get.  No switching it up based on my mood, no taking advantage of swingin’ deal websites.  It also takes some time to manufacture my lenses, which altogether makes me feel like pop bottle Piggy from Lord of the Flies.

I’ve had my current pair for one year and eight months.  And I’m getting pretty extremely tired of them.  The blue is extremely limiting, which wasn’t so bad when I was going through my Lilly Pulitzer phase, but now that I am discovering my truest of true styles, they don’t really go.  I’m crossing my fingers I find a new pair when I’m home, and that everything will fall into place when I feel better about my glasses.  The irony of it is that when I was little I wished and prayed for glasses…all I can say is, be careful what you wish for!

2.  I’m an aspiring author.  Aside from this nifty blog I spend a lot of time on, I am also working on a project that I would love to have published some day.  It’s scary to write down my biggest goal for you all to see, because that really builds the pressure!  But I’ve been a storyteller all my life and it feels natural for me to imagine characters and places and write about them.  I’ve only ever let my sister and mother read what I have saved in my word processor, but someday I’ll gather my courage and really pitch it.  I guess I have to finish it before I try that, huh?

Okay, all you get is two today.  P.S. How lovely is that poster from Garance Dore?  Some major amazingness is happening a week from today, with guests galore.  Mark it on your calendars, friends!


  1. Thanks for opening up, Dana! I never knew that about your prescription. That would be SO frustrating to me. I get kinda sick of my glasses, so I am always happy about places like Warby Parker, not to mention contacts. Is it correctable with something like lasix? And I promise we will only support you and not harass you about your writing

    1. Thank yooou, Chelsea =) my glasses remain a constant struggle but I’m hoping a change will refresh my perspective on it. And thank you in advance for book support!!

  2. So sorry you are bound to your glasses…but you look adorable in them and they make you totally unique and recognizable…its like a trademark. I thought you would be writing a book! OMG I think it will be fab!! I wish you all of concentration and determination…I think you are probably in the best part of the world to write it….not many distractions. Keep us posted!

    1. Thank you thank you! I don’t write everyday, but when I do, I try to bank at least a thousand words. I’m hoping to wrap it up by the time we leave here (fingers crossed!).

  3. 1.) on your glasses- at least glasses are pretty damn trendy…and not to mention you look FABULOUS in them. not everyone can pull off that ‘gorgeous glasses look’ if you ask me.

    2.) I think it’s great that you shared your goal about wanting to be published!! although scary, sometimes all you need is to sort of announce it to the universe (and your readers appreciate you being so candid)…it just drives you towards that goal all that much more!

    1. Gorgeous glasses look? You are too sweet =) and yes, this is me telling the universe !! Wish me luck hehe.

  4. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Shout it out to everyone!!!!!!!!

  5. […] that Victoria shared her history with glasses with us.  Funny that I wrote about glasses this week […]

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