Christmas Tree, Oh, Christmas Tree



I’ve been putting a lot of effort into our tree this year, and although it’s not quite done yet, I’m so so pleased.  I’ve had my tree for years and years and years…it was a major score at a post-Christmas Urban Outfitters sale.  Silver tinsel and six feet tall, I usually have no problem loading on my lifelong collection of eclectic ornaments and wrapping it with lights.  But with the incredible distance my beloved ornaments would have to travel to get to me, I had to brainstorm a less fragile plan for decorations this year.

I’ve always been in love with a super colorful Christmas.  My Santa topper has proven quite inspiration for decorating (as well as unique), but I never had a skirt to match/coordinate.  I knew I had to look for one just as happy and bright.  I first found my tree skirt on Etsy, but it was bought the night before I went to purchase it!  Believe me when I say I was sooo sad.  But a quick search on eBay resulted in the same vintage skirt, only better (it has lovely gold detail on each scallop’s edge).  It is a vintage felt skirt, with sequin adornments, depicting the twelve days of Christmas presents.  You know, “fiiiiive golden rings!”  The colors are the best: red, pink, green, golden-yellow, and the prettiest light blue.

This feature was especially helpful for me when pondering my tree.  I ordered a variety lot of yarn from this Etsy shop, and the grouping was just lovely.  I started making  a garland of pom-poms but when I strung it on my sparsely branched tree, I snipped the extra threads and made them into ornaments instead.  I scooped up velvet ribbon (similar here) from Ozarks to make tiny bows and dotted them around accordingly. And because I love gold more than silver, I used a bag of paper stars (left from a craft I never finished)  to string four glittery garlands I swagged on the tree’s front.

When I go home, I’m packing up some glass ornaments from my collection (similar to this, this, and this) to fill in the empty spots.  What techniques have you used to create an interesting Christmas tree composition?  Would you use any of my unbreakable ideas in your own home?

And one more note: I just love when Simon sits under the tree…he’s such a cutie!  He doesn’t give me any other option than to take his photo!  He poses so nice!


  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Your tree is lovely!!!!! Counting the days!!!!!!!

  2. i love that skirt! so cool!

  3. Such a beautiful tree! I love unpacking ornaments every year, but if I went without then I would definitely take your approach!

  4. I love it! Can’t wait to see you all! Love ya!

  5. LOVE your tree! Tinsel makes me so happy.

    1. Thank you! I just wish the pictures turned out better! =S

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