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This has been one heck of an interesting week.  I’ve been mentally preparing for our trip home (in just three short days!!!!), and physically preparing with many loads of laundry and packing today!  We had a pre-trip hiccup Wednesday that could have ended up a lot worse, so to say we are in need of a break from all this cold and ice is an understatement!  All I can really think about is how nice it will be to stay at home, play with the puppies, and try out my parents’ new jacuzzi!

While we are flying on Monday, all of you lovely readers will be treated to our wedding photogs (I know…fiiiinally).  Tuesday I have a great anecdote to all this Christmas frenzy (think of it as the opposite to all these gifting guides we’ve been seeing); it will feature three of my favorite bloggers, as well as blog friends!  Wednesday I’ll be back with an update on home life, with lots of pictures of the puppies I’m sure!  Thursday “Christmas Things” returns for the men on your list, and Friday’s book review gets a major dose of vintage fashion.  Sounds like a fab week, right?

Check out my favorite links from this week here:

Loving this new-to-me blog.  Cassie is one of my new favorites on Pinterest…and her Christmas decorations are hard to beat!

My sister bought a house, isn’t that exciting?!  Since we got the good news Tuesday night, she’s made a board and it’s so fun to chat with her on the phone while we scour Pinterest together!

Paper Joy goes glam with these newest holiday looks as illustrated by Jennifer Vallez.

Love that Victoria shared her history with glasses with us.  Funny that I wrote about glasses this week too!

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  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Only 3 days!!!!!!!!!

  2. Aw! Wedding photos! I’m still holding onto mine but I have no idea why 🙂 Have a wonderful vacay 🙂

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