Ethan & Dana Forever

Today is the day, friends!  The day Ethan, Simon and I fly home for Christmas vacation and also the day in which you get to see all the good wedding photogs I’ve been keeping from you!  So sorry; I was really torn about how I was going to share them, and on a whim I decided to just put them on Caviar and be done with it!  So here you go.

Ethan and I were wed in Ethan’s hometown on March fifteenth of 2012.  The church was provided by his mother and the reception took place at the local golf course’s clubhouse.  We had very little time to plan, but things fell into place rather nicely.  Ethan’s older brother and my older sister made up our bridal party, outfitted in navy and Kate Spade respectively.  The color scheme was inspired by Ethan’s dress uniform and my Lilly Pulitzer glasses, with peach becoming the accent through the flowers in my bouquet, on the altar, and topping each table at the reception.  My pearls were gifts from my sister and mother, and my Salvatore Ferragamo slingbacks were my splurge item.

Our guest list included the must-have people in our and our parents’ lives.  I was fortunate enough that my friends from college skipped classes to drive fourteen hours in total to attend our Thursday nuptials.  The morning of the wedding was dark and stormy.  It poured down as we unloaded into the church, which made everything feel urgent and slightly electrified.  A mix tape of Vitamin String Quartet music played as guests milled in, and my father escorted me down the aisle to, “We’re Going to be Friends,” originally by the White Stripes.  We classically vowed in sickness and in health, and I stole a second kiss after our beautiful first.

Our receiving line took place in the front of the church and we returned to the altar shortly after for group pictures.  The rain ceased as family and friends drove to the reception and as my sister chauffeured us to two locations for more photos.  The park where Ethan took me on our first date was our first stop, and the spot downtown where we first met was our second.  As we arrived to the reception the clouds began to drift out of town.  The day warmed and brightened in time for mingling on the terrace after toasts and lunch.  I changed into a Lilly Pulitzer dress for our drive to our mini-moon in Louisville and our guests stuck around to bid us farewell.

Thank you for all your love and support.  I hope you enjoyed our wedding through these pictures!  And of course, special thanks to Kerrie and Stefan Photography.


  1. OH what a beautiful day!!! So romantic, love that you wore your glasses, you looked stunning, and your bridesmaids dress is super cute as well!

    1. Thank you so much! I had no choice about the glasses, but they proved to be good inspiration for color palette!

  2. Soo Beautiful! I still wish Evan was there to see his brother get married. Darn you army..

    1. That would have made it perfect, for sure. =(

  3. Ok, I just bawled. I love the photos of you two on the street, your glasses, the bow on your dress, how happy your sister looked, how happy the two of you looked, the photography. Sigh. So beautiful. I am so happy for you and so happy for me that you decided to share your photos. I was just thinking its about time to put my faves on B&B. Have a safe trip. xoxo

    1. You cried? Awwww, that is so touching. Amanda is my favorite in all of these pictures…second maybe to my dad. Thank you for your sweet words, a million times over =)

  4. Such a beautiful wedding! Love the colors you went with! They all go together so well! Love the bridesmaid dress! And that it matches your glasses! Your cake was beautiful! And of course you were glowing!

    1. Thank you sooooo much, Leigh! You are too kind.

  5. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    And wuv, tru wuv, will fowow you foweva. So tweasure your wuv.

    1. Mawiage. Mawiage is what bwings us togethuh today.

  6. L O V E. I am so, so, so glad to see these gorgeous photos and this amazing couple!

  7. gah gah GORGEOUS. much anticipated my dear. thanks for sharing

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