Puppy Love







Being home is extremely wonderful.  I have delighted so far in sitting by the fire, basking in bright sunshine and playing with these puppies.  Our arrival Monday night included the reunion of Simon to his (real-life) little brother and sister, Teddy and Clementine.  They are a whole ton of cuteness, but not very keen on posed shots; our babies frolicked around the house with me and my camera in tow.

And other than that, I don’t have a whole lot else to say!  Today Amanda and I are having our almost annual makeovers, including mani/pedis, haircuts, lunch out and a trip to the movies.  I hope to be sending Instagrams via her iPhone, so look out on my Twitter for more of the day’s fun!



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    So much activity with three pups running around!!!!

  2. These puppies are crazy!!!

  3. Aww! Your pups are so cute!!! Have fun with your make over!

  4. best post everrrr! little snow puppies. love it!

    1. You would absolutely love them, C!

  5. They all look alike! Can’t tell which one is which! haha too adorable!

    1. In the third image, Teddy is the front, Simon is on the left, and Clementine is the small baby on the right. =)

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