Holiday at Home



Life at home has been so good, I can’t even express the amount of relaxation and happiness I’ve had.  Wednesday was Amanda’s present to me–a full day of fun and pampering.  We started the day with mani/pedis (I hadn’t had that done since the wedding!) and got new hairdos for 2o13.  Amanda asked for an asymmetrical bob and I for a shorter style, and we both felt so sassy after our locks were cut.  We snacked on frozen yogurt before watching Breaking Dawn Pt 2 and gushed about vampires on the drive home.

Thursday we ran all sorts of errands, including closing on Amanda’s house and milling around the mall for wedding gifts.  Lunch was Chan’s takeout (egg drop soup and pork fried rice), and we watched a childhood favorite Mac&Me late into the night.  Friday we inspected Amanda’s new place, browsed home improvement stores, and watched Elf with the puppies (Amanda went to the rehearsal dinner).  Ethan went out with friends, and I turned in around eleven after trying to stay up for White Christmas.

Saturday was eventful getting ready for the wedding of a family friend and driving to a neighboring town.  Ethan wore his dress blues and I borrowed a BHLDN dress from my mom.  There was something about this wedding that was extra special.  Maybe it was because the bride has been such a constant friend to my sister, or that it had a definite Christmas color palette, but I teared up right away.  The Catholic wedding fit beautifully in the historic church, and the reception took place in the bride’s grade school gym (right next door).  You’d never know the space was where little kids play dodge ball–even the basketball hoops were dressed for the occasion!  We danced like fools after a hearty country meal, and we drove home rather early and tucked ourselves into bed soon after.

Sunday was our family Christmas.  After a late morning start, we dressed up the puppies (the boys in their new Silly Buddy bow ties and Clemmy in a dress Amanda picked out at a KC pet boutique).  Ethan came over for an early steak dinner and we napped in the living room until Ethan left to see The Hobbit and we crossed town to visit my aunt.  We ate dessert with some jokes sprinkled throughout and got home with enough time to change into our comfy clothes for the Survivor finale.

Today is Amanda’s last day here (wah!), but I couldn’t ask for a better day’s worth of plans.  We are headed to a special ornament shop and feasting on my favorite Polish sausage and sauerkraut dinner.  As you can tell, we love eating well, and eating with family makes it all the better!

Tomorrow I’m voicing my thoughts on sharing time at the holidays while still trying to keep the family peace.  What did you do this weekend?  Have you begun your holiday festivities?  As always, thank you for you reading!












  1. Beautiful pictures! It has been a great week!!

  2. your hair looks adorable!

  3. What a wonderful week–and such a great new cut!

  4. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    It has been a wonderful week!!!!

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