Yule Log Cabin






Monday was cloudy and cold (not as cold as Alaska though!), so Amanda, my mom, and I drove out to the country to partake in one of our favorite holiday traditions–shopping at the Yule Log Cabin!  Through farmlands and forests, on paved roads and dirt, the journey to the Yule Log is a winding one.  Hidden amongst the trees, the barn and adjoining cabin nestle themselves into nature (so much so that they aren’t joking about that outhouse!).  Buckets in hand, we browsed the variety of vignettes and themed Christmas trees for this year’s must-have ornaments.  We started in the barn, which housed the items for the food enthusiasts, as well as a pet themed upside-down tree.  It was increasingly cozy with a fire crackling in an old-style stove…it was hard to tear myself away from it to venture to the cabin!

As soon as I walked through the door, I spotted a gorgeous jingle bell belt that I couldn’t stop jiggling.  We strolled hobbled room to room (we are still sore from dancing at the wedding!), scouring every inch for treasures.  Our final haul included two white reindeer, two Santas, a snowman, a whimsical ice skate, a brown bird (pictured), a little home ornament (I may keep it out year round), and yes…the jingle bells!







If you ever find yourself in Southeast Missouri for the holidays, I highly recommend visiting the Yule Log Cabin.  Open from the first of September to December 31st, it is the perfect stop whatever your holiday decorating style.  And if you spend over one hundred dollars at the Yule Log, you receive 10% off at River Ridge Winery (where we lunched immediately after!).  The Red Pig wine is a family favorite.



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    So much fun!!!!!!!

  2. What a fun holiday outing! Love that blue and white deer ornament!

    1. It really was; I can’t wait to add that one to my tree!

  3. aw dana! it looks like you’re having so much fun.

    1. Home is always the best, and we make the most of our days no matter what =)

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