Merry Christmas from Alaska



We had a Christmas miracle this morning seeing two moose on our way to brunch at our friend’s house!  You can imagine how excited I was.  Merry Christmas, lovelies!



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    What an awesome sight!!!!!! Love you guys!!!! Merry Christmas!!!!

    1. I hope whenever you visit you get to see a moose!

  2. love the moose! wao!! The best to you and yours!!

    1. Seeing them got my adrenaline pumping! Happy holidays!

  3. Alaska is truly the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. Love your blog, and your design/layout, and can’t wait to follow along in the new year.

    Cheers, Elizabeth of The Corner Apartment

    1. Thank you, Elizabeth! Visiting your site now =)

  4. Omg now that is what Christmas is supposed to look like! And look how cute puppy is! Lola would DIE in the cold. If it’s sprinkling outside she holds her pee all day and wont step foot outside!

    1. Although the snow wasn’t fresh, it made for a pretty beautiful backdrop for that wildlife!

  5. wow these photos are so cool (at least for someone who has never been to alaska). those moose are so huge!! that had to have been a cool sight.

    1. Really and truly so majestic =) Personal moose count is now up to four.

  6. […] next was running alongside the road one day we were coming back from Anchorage, and then of course Christmas.  I’ve also seen a bald eagle in the wild, but no bears, which are just as […]

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