Trunk Show | Circular Boutique



When we flew in last Saturday morning (I’m talking 12:30 am), I had two things on my mind:  sleeping in our big comfy bed and attending the trunk show at Circular Boutique that night.  If you remember this post, Circular is a unique little shop in downtown Anchorage that I happen to really love.  With many brands carrying the coveted “made in USA” label, browsing the racks is absolute heaven.  Although I was at first unsure how I would actually get there, I knew I had to go to the trunk show.  Seeing as though I hadn’t been to an event with other bloggers since Blogshop, channeling my inner social butterfly was long overdue.

Even with the number of times I had frequented the store in the past few months, I didn’t really know much about the owner or the start of the shop.  Kim Stalder greeted me immediately and I expressed my fondness for Circular.  She told me she originally carried brands that were entirely manufactured in America, but because only rare birds are as gung-ho as me, she has introduced lines that are made elsewhere, but have complementary style senses.  Along with gorgeous clothing, accessories and home goods round out Kim’s selection of products that are of good taste.  The clothing especially can get a bit pricey, but events like this trunk show offer special discounts that lessen the blow.

Of course in the blogging world, Geronimo balloons are well-loved and often obsessed over.  These look-a-likes made me do a double take.  A dream afternoon for me would be snagging some and going wild photographing them a la Miss Dior.

When I told Kim I was a blogger, she readily introduced me to Darlene, one half of the very stylish Glitterary blog.  Stephanie was soon to follow and after exchanging cards, we talked about Alaska, social media and all the cute clothes by Corey Lynn Calter.  We even got a picture taken by Stephanie’s husband, the photographer of the night.  Tess of TessieStyle flitted around the entire evening, becoming equally elusive and in demand.  The tags she placed on various hangers were great examples of her sassy yet classy style, and we ended up chatting before the event came to its close.







If you haven’t already guessed, I am a total sucker for interesting displays.  Much like the whimsical styling of Anthropologie, Circular Boutique uses everyday objects to showcase smaller products (the jewelry most often).  Driftwood abounds throughout the shop (which I love) and vintage furniture creates vignettes for the most eye-catching of pieces.

I frequented the dressing room more times than I could count and asked for suggestions on items I wasn’t sure about.  Two pieces I absolutely adored, but didn’t walk away with were both Rachel Pally creations–an over-sized super comfy black top that falls artfully from the body and crazy patterned pants that were equally as soft.  I’m hoping someone gets the hint about that embroidered bag pictured above…it’s size is so quirky and I can’t stop thinking about it!  I even found a pair of flared denim by James Jeans that fit like a glove, but I want to research more denim brands before purchasing any.  I ended up with two tops and one dress…all practical for my casual life, but still pretty enough to leave the apartment in.

So thankful I got to partake in this wonderful event!  Be sure to check out Glitterary here and TessieStyle here.



  1. Looks like too much fun! I’ve been craving some blogger interaction as of late! Those balloons! I have yet to see one in person yet as well, but I’m dying to!

    1. I made an oopsie, they are Geronimo look-a-likes! =( Hanging out with other bloggers, even if for a few hours, was so so nice. Nice to network and connect in person!!

  2. I would totally recommend James Jeans for you! They are tried and true. They don’t stretch out or fade. Totally worth the investment. Anyways, I LOVE these photos. I am so glad you went and a little jealous that I won’t be able to hit it up! xoxo

    1. I actually went back and got them this weekend hehe. They are super dark wash, so I need a new pair of dressier boots now. Glad you enjoyed the post! You can see more of Circular’s stock on their website and even order with $5 shipping! So accommodating =)

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