Happy Birthday to Me


Today is my happy birthday!  The big 2-4, which I so can’t believe.  These pictures are from one of my favorite birthdays (if only from these photogs, and not my memory), my godmother in Chicago hosted the party.  If you can’t tell, there was a theme of The Little Mermaid (note the tablecloth, Amanda’s sweatshirt, and the leggings underneath that pretty floral dress).  And I’m wearing my ruby red slippers, a favorite when I was playing Dorothy Gale from Kansas or not.  Don’t you miss the 90s?  xx

PS. I am now older than the ages in “What’s My Age Again” and “Gangsta’s Paradise.”  Simply unbelievable.




  1. Happy birthday,
    I hope your dreams come true this year.

    1. Thank you! I blew all the candles out in one breath, so dreams coming true is pretty much a given now 😉

  2. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Happy Birthday!!!!! Love you Dana Grace Dorothy Gale from Kansas Wozniak McDowell !!

    1. Thank you! What a mouthful that is now!

  3. Happy B-day Dane Wayne!!!

    Love ya,

    1. Thanks T! Love you too!

  4. Oh yes. This is when you weren’t just Dana. You insisted on being called Dana Grace Dorothy Gail from Kansas Wozniak…wahahahahahaha. Love the crown and birthday hat!!

    1. Thanks, used my gift from you from last bday!

  5. Happy Birthday Dana! Don’t worry, 24 is no biggie. 25 is the killer :0

    1. Thanks Kristen! Yes, my sister already told me…”you are one year away from being halfway to fifty!” Ahhh!

  6. Joyeux Anniversaire!!! And believe me 24 years old, you’re so young!

    1. Thank you so much!

  7. Happy Birthday! Love the retro pix. Ok I guess they are not technically retro ha ha!

    Ali of:


    1. Right?! I keep thinking of them as retro too hehe. Thanks for stopping by!

  8. […] And with vintage dresses always on display, it makes me want my favorite one really bad (as seen here)!  As always, I can’t wait for my own home.  Until then, I’ll just go on […]

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