Birthday Weekend


Hello lovelies!  I blog today filled with all the love I received (near and far) for my birthday yesterday.  It was one of my most-low-key birthdays to date, but enjoyable nonetheless.  Friday when Ethan got home from work (with our rental car (he hates to bum rides)), he took me to the post office where this pair of Frye boots (the Jackie Button in Whiskey to be exact) was waiting for me!  After trying them on (as well as some new pieces from Free People and Anthro), I took a quick shower and we went out for dinner and a movie.  We ate breakfast food and saw Gangster Squad with rather full bellies.  We came home to a rather frantic Simon, and I gave him lots of hugs and kisses to make up for our absence.

Saturday Ethan told me I had to go out and shop (gasp!) around five, and I had my suspicions.  He had been pretty quiet about the weekend/birthday plans, so I knew something was cookin’ in that head of his.  I did my hair and makeup quite leisurely, and as I settled in to catch up on Downton Abbey, I noticed the weather was pretty nasty…as in raining and blowing like crazy!  I was pretty nervous to drive all the way downtown alone, and I even freakin’ fell in the parking lot (rain + ice + no gravel = disaster), but once I was on the highway I did alright.  I spent a ton of time browsing Nordies and Circular, but of course, I left with nothing.  I rolled back into the apartment complex around seven, and Ethan was waiting for me at the door.

Inside, all our friends were gathered and started singing “Happy Birthday” for me!  There were streamers and balloon animals and a very awesome cheeseburger and french fry birthday cake.  We ate pizza, drank beer, and played Catch Phrase for hours.  The friends stayed until midnight to properly wish me a happy birthday.  Ethan, Simon, and I crawled into bed, with rain still coming down outside.

I woke up yesterday waaay before Ethan.  I putzed around on my Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook accounts until I decided to suit up in rain-wear to take Simon outside.  Ethan made me pancakes while I flipped through the latest House Beautiful, and I even made a doggie sweater for Simon before tuning in to Sunday night television with a big slice of cake.

Oh and throughout the entire weekend I munched on the delicious macarons my sister sent me.  Such a treat!  How did you spend your weekend?




| tiered stand from Tea Time Creations on Etsy |



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Glad you had a wonderful weekend!!!!

  2. Ooh, I LOVE Frye boots. The kind of boots you keep for ever. Just re-heel them every now and then, and they’re yours for life. I’ve got a great pair. And I’ve got my eye on the Frye Leslie Zip boots for this coming winter (we’re in the heart of summer here in Melbourne/Australia, too hot for boots most of the time). Those macaroons look lovely, too. Glad you enjoyed your birthday and surprise party.

    1. This is my third pair, and I’m so excited to wear them tonight. I was weary to wear them before now, but somehow all the ice and snow melted…my lucky day! The Leslie Zip are gorgeous! I considered them before settling on the Jackie =)

  3. Happy, Happy Birthday!! SO glad you had a wonderful day. Loved all your picks of your birthday past…the red shoes!! too cute.

    1. Thank you! I loved my Dorothy shoes so much =)

  4. Your Frye’s are thee perfect height and color!!

    1. Thank you! I already have a black and brown pair, so I thought Whiskey was a solid choice!!

  5. Love love love those Frye boots! So perfect. How was Gangster Squad? I kind of want to see it because I’m obsessed with Ryan Gosling + Emma Stone, but I heard some not-so-great reviews.

    1. Definitely different than them in Crazy Stupid Love, but just as entrancing. =)

  6. Happy belated Birthday!!! =)

    1. Thanks so much!

  7. Sounds like a pretty great weekend! LOVE those boots! Lucky girl.

    1. One good thing about Alaska—boots are very acceptable year-round!!

  8. A very, very happy belated birthday–it looks like an absolutely wonderful celebration! And that cheeseburger cake is seriously genius!

    1. That cake is still cracking me up. So much detail and thought put into it!

  9. Perfectly perfect! I love that he surprised you, that you played Catch Phrase, that those boots were involved. Happy birthday, friend. xo

    1. Thanks Chelsea!

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