She’s Got the Look

ring party

I haven’t worked in retail for over seven months now, and for the most part I don’t miss it.  One aspect I do miss though, is meeting great people with great style to match.  I’m the first to admit I observe people, and when I worked at the BN in our local mall, I got to see a lot!!  Most of the time it was camo and denim, logo-ridden sweatshirts and flip flops…but some shoppers were simply inspired.  I remember two in particular that I’d say were fearless.

All I can remember about the first lady was her rings.  I’m sure her hair was perfectly coiffed and I think she had a lovely handbag, but as she handed me her purchase and waited with her hands on the counter, I was entranced.  She had many jeweled rings stacked on top of each other, on most all of her fingers.  While it looked like they could have been the entire contents of her jewelry box, they were so artfully grouped I’m sure she had dozens more.  I told her how beautiful her jewelry was, and she thanked me and left with her bag.

The second lady was just cool.  She had all the elements of solid style:  brown knee-high boots, dark denim, structured blazer.  But it was her glasses that really caught my eye.  Since I wear glasses all the time, I always notice when others sport them.  This particular shopper had a semi-rimless pair, in striking navy.  When I complimented her frames, she told me she got them from the local men’s suit shop, a little gem for my hometown.  She also said how her friends made fun of her choice in eyewear, but I was totally into them.  I’ve gone to the men’s shop to look for my own future frames, but none have ever been as eye-catching as hers.

I don’t know why I thought of these ladies recently, but I’d like to think I can make an impact on people’s memories like they did mine.  Someday at least.  Have you had any random encounters with stylish strangers that you haven’t forgotten?

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  1. I love seeing great style out and about. What I miss about working retail is how much fun I had getting dressed every day. I knew that I had to make my outfits count, and I loved trying. xo

  2. Here in Chicago, I see ridiculously stylish people (in a good, inspiring way) all the time. Two that come to mind for me: one is a guy who lives in our building. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him less than perfectly accessorized. I’m pretty sure that GQ bases their trends on this guy (and he’s nice, to boot, geesh.) The other is a local clothing designer I’ve worked with a few times, so I guess it’s a given that she’s going to be dressed well. But her style is very hippie, 70’s glam with a hint of urban and it stands out so beautifully among all the grey/black/navy of the city.

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