Ring Things


I’ve been thinking about jewelry a lot this week, and after this post, my hunt for gorgeous rings to pile up officially began.  These are some of my favorites…aren’t those antique garnet hearts so unique?

| twist | moon | diamond | signet | heart | double heart | black diamond | reminder |



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Of course, my expensive taste leads me to the black diamond!!!!

    1. It’s a beaut for sure!

  2. I second that…the black diamond is to die for!

  3. Amanda Wozniak · · Reply

    That’s funny, the thumb is ‘delicate layers’. And I’ve always worn that tiny silver ring my my thumb since 8th grade! And I like the heirloom rings myself.

    1. You are such a ring inspiration! Always rocked what you loved on that front…and always getting the good stuff from T!

  4. I have been drooling over that anna sheffield ring for ages. It is a stunner for sure. What a great little round up! You know me, I love my jewels. xo

    1. I’m starting to think rings are my thing…I hate arm parties and necklaces make me paranoid!!

  5. I’m a ring girl. Probably my favorite type of jewelry! Love a delicate one like the first row.

    1. =) good call. I’m pretty partial to the twisted etsy finds myself!

  6. Such beautiful picks – I’ve been obsessed with delicate stacking rings lately but I’d love a ring with my new(ish) monogram and that black diamond? Stunning.

    1. Signets are such a classic choice! On my wishlist too 😉

  7. love this guide!

    1. Thank you, C! Major compliment coming from you =)

  8. This makes me want to start wearing rings again! Love them! I think I’d go with the delicate rings if I were to start wearing them again. I had to take off my engagement ring because I kept accidentally scratching my babies with it. 😦

    1. Awww. Well, I’m glad I could provide a little inspiration!

  9. Love those oval pieces!

    1. Meeee too =) may be my favorites!

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