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After my sister told me about upping her security factor at her new house, she requested I research dog breeds that have the potential to watch and guard.  Iams has this really amazing tool that you can put in specific requirements and their system calculates your most compatible breeds.

Amanda’s requirements were a larger dog that would be excellent with future children, wary of strangers, and buddy-buddy with Teddy (see graphics).  Other factors include how big her yard is, what daily exercise she was willing to provide, and the climate of her location.  The above are the top eight picks, after I weeded out the more dog-aggressive breeds.

Do you have a protective dog in your family?  Is it any one of these breeds?  I find dog breeds so interesting; before I got Simon, I could spend hours on the American Kennel Club website clicking through all the different groups.  I favor the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever myself, but I don’t think they are much for guarding.  I hope you find this useful, Manda!

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  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    You know all about my guard dog!!!!!

    1. I know I do for sure!!! lol

    2. Clemmy is the best guard dog!

  2. All of my Heinz 57 dogs have been GREAT guard dogs! You’ve heard them growling and barking when you pull into the driveway.

    The UPS man leaves packages and runs if the door is open!

    1. hehe you’re funny.

  3. I have a great dane. She has docked tail and clipped ears, she is jet black – so she terrifies people, they literally cross the street to get away from us most of the time. I don’t know if she would actually hurt an intruder or do much else than bark, but I am sure anyone who opened the door and heard her bark and saw her run at them would probably think twice. but whats best about her is how insanely good she is with my kids! My son is her best friend..climbs on her, shoves his hands in her mouth, tugs on her ears, chases her, pokes her, feeds her… and never once even an ounce of aggression from her, or even annoyance.

    1. Great Danes are adorable! I remember seeing a sweet black baby girl at a pet store…I named her Daisy =) Thanks for commenting!

  4. We want to get a dog too! It’s funny how requirements lead you to certain breeds. Ours must have no hunting instinct (I have a tiny bird that I don’t want him to eat for dinner), be good with children and semi quiet. We’ve narrowed our picks down to an English bulldog and I’m secretly loving the french bulldog too! Of course we pick a high maintenance dog! LOL

    1. Awww, yes keep your birdie safe! We had an almost catastrophe at my aunt’s house last summer. She and my uncle have a talking parrot, and when a friend was visiting with her dog, the dog went straight for the cage!! The most chaotic fifteen minutes in the history of that house, I tell you!

  5. What beautiful pups! John and I really want a Frenchie, but I’m hoping to rescue the perfect little monster!

    1. Hehe Frenchies are so trendy right now!! My sister wanted one for the longest time, but then Teddy came into her life!

  6. Yay for doggies! I prefer mine small and pretty, however my in-laws have always had German Shepard’s as guard dogs. Great with kids and family but very protective.

    1. We prefer small dogs too…Amanda’s Maltese is too chill to be a guard dog though =)

  7. I had the perfect dog, Em, a German Shepherd X I rescued from the pound. She was loyal, fiercely protective, obedient, gentle with kids, wary with strangers but not unnecessarily aggressive, a great guard dog, intelligent and utterly sweet. I’ll miss her always.

    1. Awww, she sounds wonderful. Dogs are really so much more than pets.

  8. I am fascinated with dog breeds too. “Dogs that Changed the World” and “The Science of Dogs” are both fascinating. Wow. I am a weird dog nerd. I think I am cool with that. xo

    1. Ooh, are those documentaries? I need to look them up!

  9. Our dog, Sunday, is an Australian Shepherd and she’s perfect for us. (Full disclosure: we really wanted a Border Collie or Aussie, whether mix or purebred, so we worked with breed rescues. Highly recommend it!)

    She’s high energy outside, and likes to walk/run/play, but she’s chill inside. Unless she’s watching over our cats. She’s so smart that she knows them each by name, will herd one in if it runs out the door, and will scold (via a growl, haha) if one of the cats starts eating something she’s not supposed to. She also “protects” us if there’s a knock on the door, a strange noise, or someone threatening looking coming in.

    Not only that, but Sunday is a total velcro dog. She bonded really strongly to both of us, and is so sweet and snuggly. Added bonus: she doesn’t drool.

    She’s small for an Aussie, about 35 lbs. They vary in size a lot, I know the males can get up to 65 lbs.

    Okay, end my obsessive sell of my dog. 😉

    1. Oh my goodness, a cat herder– I love that!!! Thanks for your enthusiasm =)

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