Little Luxuries


| a memento from my dear friend’s wedding |


| fried oreos after sushi with friends |


| blogshop paper makes for a happy grocery list |


| there is no cuter nose |

This weekend was a big reminder of what makes me happy in life and what doesn’t.  These are currently outweighing the not-so fun stuff I had to endure.

What little luxuries made your weekend worthwhile?



  1. Aren’t little luxuries the best! Lola’s cuddles always makes my list! That little nose! SO freakin cute.

    1. I’m convinced Malteses are the cutest. I couldn’t even handle the Instagram of Lola shopping with you. Adorable.

  2. Woah those fried oreos AFTER Sushi?! So jealous! And I’m not even an oreo fan 😉 Daytrips and friends visiting made my weekend wonderful!

    1. I know…we lived it up! Our friend insisted on treating us to dessert…and I didn’t mind one bit =)

  3. Little Simon! Aw. Now I am wondering what those other things were… 😦

    1. Just silly things…I’m trying not to think about them. They got me so frazzled.

  4. These pictures are so lovely, that nose kills me! Did you get a new camera, your pictures are so sharp! Look at you and your budding photog skills! xoxo

    1. Thanks, D! I am trying to actively take better pictures…I guess it is working?! And I stalk the good light in the apartment.

  5. love the last photo!! too cute! Simon is just perfect all over 🙂 and those oreos!! wao…were they as good as they seem?

    1. They were heavenly! The oreo cookie was warm and gooey and the coating tasted like funnel cakes. Definitely want to go back to that restaurant again…and soon! And I’ll tell Simon you think so. He’ll be so pleased =)

  6. Love these. 🙂 What an awesome wedding favor.

    1. I know! So cute. I Just wish I could have flown to Denver to attend =(

  7. I love when the good stuff makes the crud a little shinier–it was definitely delicious meals for me this weekend!

    1. Don’t you just love that? To combat the winter doldrums, we’ve definitely been treating ourselves to tasty foods.

  8. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Love that Simon boy!!!!!!!

  9. whaaaat?! they made the blog. so cool 🙂 but i really want one of those oreos.

    1. Of course they did! Your package was a shining moment from my weekend. As were the oreos. xx

  10. awww…love the photo of your pups nose. I also have always liked the idea of matchboxes as a wedding favor. (I’ve even seen it as a save the date!)

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