Decoration Aspirations


I’ve been increasingly drawn to the aesthetic of Rachel Ashwell, and am convinced had I been exposed to her books and designs earlier in life, I wouldn’t have gone through the style crisis that still affects me.  After being cooped up in our apartment for what feels like an eternity, I’m ready to tweak what we have going on.  Namely in the way of pillows on our couch (to cover the fugly factory ones that were included).


Other tweaks would include painting our dining room table— paper white legs with a bit of scuffing and a darker stained top to match our TV stand.  I think I could accomplish that inside, as long as the weather is nice enough to open up the windows for ventilation.  Since a tragedy took place with one of our Eames on a game night, we’ve been using folding chairs for dinner.  Not so pretty.  I’d like to reinstate the search for a set of dining chairs.

chairs and bed

Lastly I need to switch up our bedding.  We have new rose sheets that are so me I can’t stand it, so I won’t be changing those.  We’ve been so warm at night, though.  A down comforter is way too much for us!  A cover that isn’t too heavy and a sheet for our exposed box springs are desperately needed.

I still feel like painting up my dresser (different from what the link suggests), but think that would be too large for inside the apartment.  I also feel like I should sell my desk…I haven’t really used it (and it collects so many unsightly piles).  And we’d have so much more room for dining without it.  I don’t know…we’ll see.

Oh and I nearly forgot, Ethan mentioned we may need to invest in a coffee table soon.  Add it to the list, I say!


Are you getting the itch to remodel/redecorate?  It’s what winter does to me, I tell ya!

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  1. I am loving the trunk at the very bottom. Since we are still in my mom’s house until we move to Seattle, I have been having to stifle all decorating urges. We might be staying someplace furnished when we get there… which makes me very nervous. Have fun with it, Dana! Experiment. xo

    1. Oh wowza. Yeah, pre-furnished kinda gives me the eebie-jeebies. I wish I could have brought my trunk from home….it’s huge and old and awesome.

  2. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Have fun!!!!!!!!!

    1. I just looked at our account and realized how frivolous this post is. Wah.

  3. How amazing are those pillows! I’ve been dying for one or two. They are beyond luxurious in person! Can’t wait to see all these changes! I’m always in the mood to redecorate. It’s a problem. lol.

    1. They are really lovely! I’m going to try to shop around this weekend. Cross your fingers!

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  5. […] to look at my desk.  Let me tell you.  Craigslist… just say no to Craigslist.  I mentioned here that I was thinking of selling my desk because it wasn’t really fitting into my overall […]

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