February Crafting

february crafting 1

| pinks, oranges, reds and golds |

february crafting 2

| left-over supplies are perfect for valentines |

february crafting 3

| the usual suspects and a few surprise appearances |

february crafting 4

| DIY bubble wrap/polka dot envelope liners |

february crafting 5

| a little glitter magic |

Happy February, darlings!  I spent part of my week elbows deep in crafts to prepare for the rapidly approaching love day.  This year, I’m keeping it simple and giving valentines only to my parents, sister, and husband.  At least mailing will be simple…the actual making of the cards?  Not so much!  I was so inspired to do something new this year that my normal valentines got a facelift.  If you couldn’t tell, I thoroughly prepared myself with the best of my craft supplies and then some.   Once these are received, I’ll share the finished products.  But I’ll give you a hint…they require two stamps to post!

Enjoy your Friday!


  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Can’t wait to get mine in the mail!!!!!

    1. Yours is a little different…consider it a Valentine as well as anniversary card!

  2. Amanda Wozniak · · Reply

    ooh! awesome pics! can’t wait to get it!

    1. Hope you like it!

  3. What adorable Valentine’s–I need to get started on mine!

    1. Make sure you have a fun candle and awesome music to accompany the crafting. I listened to Sam Cooke radio and it was perfect =)

  4. This makes me want to go to Hobby Lobby right away!

  5. I love your liners!! I just made a ton for our save the dates. haha.

    1. Easiest liners I have ever made. I think from now on, those will be the -only- ones I ever make haha.

  6. […] now that Valentine’s Day has come and gone, I can share the Valentines I made here.  The top baby envelopes I handmade and simply fixed to larger pieces of paper (for easier […]

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