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Here comes another post about the real Dana…sometimes I feel like I don’t come through as well as other bloggers (I’m blaming it on me not owning a smart phone for all those crazy addictive apps people tweet about)!  Oh well, I’m happy with my little twenty dollar phone I got three years ago.  Okay, here we go.

1.  Two weekends we had an unfortunate party take place at our apartment.  At first, I thought just a few close friends were going to come over after sushi and drink some beers, but other people showed up and it turned into a drinking game night.  I’ve always felt that I skipped that crazy partying phase in my life.  I went from high school to twenty-one with about two parties in-between and drinking at neither one.  After a low-key 21st birthday party of my own, I got drunk twice in Aggieville (the cool place in Manhattan, KS) and was potential DD every other time.  I never really acquired a taste for alcohol, with the exception of dirty Nancies and Boulevard brews, and I didn’t mind it.  Most of my girlfriends got trashed every weekend, and I much preferred painting and reading and feeling productive.  After I returned home and switched colleges, I went out a few choice times (one of which I met Ethan).  But again, I was fine after one drink.

Now that I am married, I really don’t feel the need to get sh*t-faced.  But that’s how the get-together turned out, with everyone drinking loads except me.  The entire time I was fretting over my couch and the rug and just couldn’t understand (for the millionth time) why getting drunk is so appealing.  One guest was particularly loud and obnoxious, and as I mentally compared myself to her, it was all the more clear that I have never been that girl.  I am the one to keep my head while others let loose (aside from my temper), and I really felt like Lila from The Romantics.  Have you seen that?  She’s an altogether snob, but a conversation she has with her fiance always resonated with me.  I’m not the one doing coke off a coffee table, or skinny dipping in the lake. I’m the one who turns in early, sleeps all night, and wakes up with a list of things to get done.  Needless to say, I wanted to push all our guests out of our apartment and never host them again.  Not my favorite night ever.

2.  One a lighter note, I love to sing.  I took voice lessons in sixth grade and was convinced I’d be the next Jessica Simpson (boy I think that I’m in love with you…I’ll be doing silly things when it comes to you…).  Every Tuesday I would walk to the public library from my grade school and wait until around four-thirty for my dad to pick me up.  He’d then take me to the college where I met my adorable instructor Karoline.  She told me I had a wonderful soprano voice, and my talent grew exceptionally during our fifteen week course.  But I bombed my recital.  Or at least, I think I did.  I remember crying when I left.  In my head I sounded awful.  My throat was so dry I don’t think I carried my voice at all.  After than, I rarely sang again.  Which was quite a sad time.  I did find, as I grew older, I could still sing to enjoy myself.  As long as I wasn’t around classmates who would yell at me to quit.  My favorite songs are the oldies from the likes of the Mamas and the Papas & ABBA and 90s queens like Alanis and Paula Cole.  And Disney songs of course.  “Poor Unfortunate Souls” is one of the funnest, hands down.

3.  I fantasize about owning a home.  My must-have list includes a garden (half English/half vegetable), lots of windows, exceptional woodwork, a sleeping porch, and an office/studio.  I don’t think it exists in SEMO, because I’m envisioning a mix between a Ms. Honey cottage from Matilda and something you’d find hugging a lake or the Pacific.  There is a house I absolutely die over in the Cape, but it is so out of our price range, it’s not even funny.  I can’t wait to have room to stretch and grow in.  And to roller skate on the reclaimed hardwood floors.  I have a scrapbook of houses I love, catalog tears, and inspiring quotes that I’ve kept for years.  It’s fun to see how the stuff I loved in the beginning I still love now.

As always, let me know if you enjoy these more personal posts.

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  1. Oh, that party sounds awful. I’ve been the party girl on the table, and I’ve been the mouse in the corner – both were me, neither were me. In the end, I’d rather curl up with a good book. And the worst of it was that you couldn’t leave because it was your house. AND you had to clean up later!
    Have one of the worst voices. You know Cameron Diaz singing karaoke in one of her movies – that’s me! But I get really grumpy when I’m called tone deaf – I can hear when something is off, I just can’t create the right sound.
    Hope you get that dream home one day.

    1. Yes, I can call myself a blah singer, but no one else!! That is really good description, “both and neither.” I too will take the book instead!

  2. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    So goes the saying, ” you learn something every day”, and you my dear have learned not to invite people into your home that do not respect you or your belongings! I applaud you for even showing up at your recital let along sing in front of a crowd!!!!! You have a lovely voice!!!!!!

    1. Thanks Mama. Lessons learned!

  3. Gah–I spent literally YEARS of my life in lessons, and still walk off stage more often than not convinced I bombed. I can count the number of times I really hit it out of the park on 2 hands, and all of those were in the 2nd year of my Masters. I say find a teacher and keep singing–it never gets easier, per say, but it does get more fun!

    1. I was pretty active with drama in high school, but never touched the musicals. Makes me sad now…I should have just went for it! I wonder if we hear what we actually sound like, or if it’s naturally warped. I know that I feel like my voice is drastically different than how it sounds recorded (hence my totally awkward voicemail set-up!). I’m sure years of training hasn’t led you astray though. We are always harder on ourselves than we should be =)

  4. reading about the gathering at your house – we sound very similar my dear! I had about one solid year in college where I was all about the crazy drinking/partying – but it literally only lasted a year….after that…I was over it. now as a non-college student adult, we have a few friends who party hard every now and then – and I have a tough time getting on board. it’s like being hungover the next day is SO NOT worth it!

  5. At least Ethan didn’t leaving you hanging all night and not come home until the next day with a hangover. and yes we couldn’t be more in tune with each other. I’ve never been drunk only because one sip of any alcoholic drink and I’m done. It just doesn’t taste good to me. Sometimes I think something is wrong with my taste buds because everyone else can’t get enough of it.

    1. Yes, he would never do that to me. And you are much too young to be acquiring the taste of alcohol, missy!

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