The Essentials | the Grey Sweatshirt


I know I know…I spoke of sweatshirts here, but I confess, I was reluctant to get all sweatsuited up again.  Like how I dressed when I seven.  But after some purchases that work sometimes but not every time, I can’t think of a better reason to return to the always perfect grey sweatshirt.  I currently possess one nonlogoed sweatshirt.  It was a steal from Forever 21 years ago, made in Mexico to boot.  And I can wear that all the freaking time.  The length is a touch short, and I want to go lighter in my closet…so grey.

(As much as I’d like to think I can frolick in the lovely dresses I’ve been pinning here all year long, while I’m in Alaska, I need things to pair with my jeans and boots and wear under my big winter coat.  I think a classic/vintage sweatshirt wouldn’t be too far of a stretch from that aesthetic…do you?)

Here is a round-up of my top favorites that are guaranteed made in America (cah-ching!).  Honestly, I am thrilled to present three that are closer to the 50 price point than 100.  Would you pay more than 100 for a sweatshirt?  Not I.  Unless it makes me look like a goddess…but I don’t see that happening.  I think right now, I would like to layer my chambray popover underneath (giving new life to something I wear to death).

Thanks for following my style journey/evolution.  I swear, I’m getting there.  Which of these would you choose? Any?  And would you wear it with holes and stains like the top image?  Let me know.


| top image | everlane | american apparel | | james perse |



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    I like the second one, looks so comfy!!!!

  2. perfect timing! i was thinking how i needed a sweatshirt. These are super cute. BTW LOOOOVE your new header. Its beautiful!

    1. Thanks so much! Glad you find it useful!

  3. I’m a sucker for the perfect sweatshirt! AHHH I’m dying to be comfy and warm right now.

    1. Me too…it’s been rather chilly in our apartment lately.

  4. totally unrelated to this post, but I don’t know where else to say it – I’m loving the roses at the top of your blog header! really adds a fun pop of color.

    1. Thank you thank you =)

  5. I’ve been thinking a classic, chic gray sweatshirt needs to get added to my rotation–now I have some to choose from!

  6. I glanced at all of them before looking at the price below and I really am digging the last one by James Perse.

    1. That’s my second favorite =)

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