Sweet Treats

sweet treats

How is the weekend already over?  Ooh, I feel like cuddling up with Ethan and not accepting that it is Monday.  But he’s already at work, which means I must face it.  Wah.  We were fairly low-key the past few days, with the only real excitement being in the form of food and TV…sadly.  It was so warm, and then windy and then slick and snowy that going out was less than pleasant.

Friday night I made dinner (aloha pork chops with white rice and sweet potato fries).  After I finished cleaning up, a couple came to look at my desk.  Let me tell you.  Craigslist… just say no to Craigslist.  I mentioned here that I was thinking of selling my desk because it wasn’t really fitting into my overall scheme anymore, and before it started to decline in value I wanted to get it sold.  So the first night that my ad was up on Craigslist, I got a hit.  It all sounded too good to be true.  As the days and correspondence progressed, I found out it was!  Major scam-olie.  Then a lady in Eagle River contacted me, and I crossed my fingers.  When she and her boyfriend came over, I was very hopeful they would buy it.  And they did!  They moved it out after offering cash, and now we have so much room!  Later Friday night, Ethan and I munched on these delicious ice cream cookie sandwiches from Cold Stone while watching What Dreams May Come.  I’ve been craving Hook, but since I don’t have it, we settled on this Robin Williams movie instead.  It was very interesting and did not disappoint visually.  How the end and the beginning were treated made my heart ache.

Saturday I ran some morning errands and decided that Simon should join me.  He was hesitant at first, seeing as though the last few times he road he went to the groomers or the vet.  He warmed to the trip as soon as he realized he was staying the car each time I got out.  I loved coming back and seeing his happy little face through the window.  My last stop was the Paris Bakery where I indulged in purchasing two fresh pastries– a ham and cheese croissant for Ethan and a berry sweet roll for me.  Once we got home, the three of us spent the rest of the day snacking, chatting, and (me) photoshopping glasses images onto a picture of myself.  I took a teeny break to lay in the rays of the setting sun in the bedroom and then blogged along to various evening movies on TV.  Ethan and Simon stayed up much later than me.  I fell asleep thinking about the song “If You Were Here” by the Thompson Twins.  And I guess the movie Sixteen Candles in general.  With each night that passes, it becomes more evident how much I need new pjs.

Sunday morning I Skyped my mom and went grocery shopping by myself.  It started snowing like crazy, and I could tell everyone was at the store stocking up!  I tried to make better choices because I’ve been feeling like a pounchki (obviously eating all those sweet treats will start to show eventually).  But of course that didn’t stop me from eating the last of my birthday macarons once all the bags were unpacked and put away.  I made a quaint dinner and we did much of the same until Downton Abbey and The Walking Dead aired.  How funny is that combination?

How was your weekend?  Are you gearing up for Valentine’s Day?  Regular posting is occurring this week, with love themes on Thursday and Friday only.  But I’ll probably be watching all my lovey chick flicks the next four days.  What is your favorite romantic movie?



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    So you have me so hooked on Downton Abbey now!!!!!!

    1. Thanks so exciting! It doesn’t disappoint =)

  2. Oh my goodness, that ice cream sandwich–I think I NEED ONE!

    1. So decadent. It satisfied my need for a dessert with different tastes and textures!

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