Around the House

around the house 1

Somehow my post for today was posted yesterday (along with yesterday’s real post)!  So instead of leaving this day wide open, I decided to share a few things that me happy around the house apartment.

For starters, there is this guy.  My pink whale!  It doesn’t look like it from this angle, but he’s actually a soap dish and toothbrush holder!  My mom and I found him in the Cape years ago, and after not buying him and thinking about him (while I was away at school), my mom surprised me with him.  He inspires me to have the pink bathroom I’ve always dreamed about! 

around the house 2

| the washi tape I was determined to find/buy in January; I love these roses so much |

around the house 3

| maybe my favorite picture of my mom and me, in our pjs on a camping trip |

around the house 4

| Simon’s squeaky toy we keep in bed for playtime; it’s one of my new favorite traditions |

There you have it!  Sorry for the semi-dark photogs.  It’s so dull in our place even with the blinds wide open.  Happy Wednesday, everybody!



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    You are tooooo funny!!!!!!

    1. You know you love it.

  2. Ok that whale is amazing! Now you have me thinking about one!

    1. Isn’t he adorable?! Perfectly quirky.

  3. Michelle Tejeras · · Reply

    Nothing is better than a picture with Mom!!!

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