Lovey Things


Happy Valentine’s Day loves!   This year I absolutely love the idea of staying in and cozying up.  Ethan has a late night tonight (doing taxes…how unfun is that?!), but we are celebrating with a pancake brunch before work.  If I had it my way though, these items would find their way into our living room for a night of shared ice cream, soft-spoken poetry, and stolen kisses.  Oh yes, and sparkle!  Did I mention all of these are made in the USA?

| heart balloon | poetry book | love banner | cotton wrap | disco mirror ball | mr & mrs spoons |



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    The balloon is Amazing!!!!!!!!! Somehow I can’t picture the soft spoken poetry part…. Or maybe I can in the Napoleon voice!!!!! Lol

    1. Kip, you mean? hehe

      1. Mary Ellen · ·


  2. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    Happy Valentine’s Day!!! Love and miss you, Ethan and Simon.

    1. Happy Valentine’s Day, Mama. Love you!

  3. Oh how I wish I could wrap my head around spending $150 on a balloon! Seriously LOVE. Happy Valentine’s day Dana!!

    1. I know…it’s a pipe dream to have that kind of moolah. Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

  4. Happy Valentine’s day! xoxo

    1. Thanks! Same to you!

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