Paris Bakery and Cafe

v day brunch 1

| Paris Bakery and Cafe; such a gem |

v day brunch 2

| so many tempting options |

v day brunch 3

| want to try this bread sometime |

v day brunch 4

| wonderful variation on an old favorite, the Benny on a fresh croissant |

v day brunch 5

| Valentine’s dessert: red velvet cake and a chocolate eclair |

Today I’m going to let my pictures from Valentine’s Day do the talking.  I blame it on the snow and cold, but the only fun thing to do here is eat!  I’m so excited that I found a Benny closer than Palmer, AK, and that red velvet cake was heaven!

Check my Facebook page later today for a photog of my V Day present!  How was your weekend?  Ethan has off today (whoop four-day weekend), so we will be doing much of the same. xx



  1. Mary Ellen · · Reply

    This place looks dangerously amazing!!!!

    1. So so so good. Love that we don’t have to drive all the way into Anchorage for tasty foods!

  2. OMG now I’m craving something warm and delicous. This is especially dangerous since I am currently at our restaurant, and have an unlimited amount of free food at my disposal.

    1. Eek! Don’t go crazy…or, do! I’ve been finding too much happiness in gooood food lately haha.

  3. oh yum!!! that red velvet cake looks too good. Our weekend has been looking up….too bad its almost over.

    1. It’s crazy how the weekend flies by and the weekdays drag on. The week felt particularly long, and it was a four day for us! Yikes!

  4. This place looks incredibly delicious!

    1. It is, very much so!

  5. oh mah gah
    that bread.

    1. I can already imagine it is absolutely worth it.

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