pink 1

It’s been said that short hair doesn’t require ruffles and frills, or feminine colors, but I’m not finding that to be true.  It seems to me that all I want is to wear pink right now…in the form of swiss dot scoop neck blouses, tweed jackets with fringe, and midi length dresses with nipped waists.  Of course I have none of that…and that’s why Pinterest is so great.  I get to lay in my sweats and scroll through hundreds of images that satisfy my current obsession.  Instead of babbling today, here are some pretty pink things.  I’m working on realizing it, don’t fret.

(P.S.  I feel about as pale as this picture.  I bought some facial cream this weekend, and I am officially fair.)

pink 2

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  1. Pastels, swiss dotted blouses, fair skin — LOVE. So much beauty and grace.

  2. […] was thinking about the colors I have been featuring here for the past couple weeks.  Pinks and blues are normal for me to lust after, but lavender?  Not so much.  That is, until […]

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