The Essentials | the Perfect Pair of Frames


I’m looking for a pair of neutral frames.  After 2 years of the bright blue, I’m ready for a change that will last me even longer.  Black feels too harsh for the romantic vibe I want, and Ethan doesn’t like brown.  That leaves crystal clear, doesn’t it?  I’ve searched all the sites I know, and I’ve found two frames I really dig.  But here is my dilemma.  Do I pay for the more appealing design or go for a cheaper copycat?


I’ve admired the Selima for J.Crew pair for a seriously long time.  And then I found the Moscot, which have been iconic for Buddy Holly, Truman Capote, and Johnny Depp (Michelle Williams has been spotted in them too).  But cheapie websites like Warby Parker and Lookmatic are challenging designer prices in a big way.  I can see the differences, but are they enough to impact my decision?

What would you do if you wore glasses 24/7?  Get a cheaper pair, or the frames that inspire the knock-offs?

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  1. OK I’m in love with the Moscot! LOVE love LOVE. So happy you are going to go clear. If you wear them EVERYDAY and plan on wearing them for at least two years it is so easy to justify the splurge.

    1. I have no choice than to wear them everyday! I can still see without my glasses, but…instant headache! I’m still debating which splurge pair =)

  2. I love that you’re going with clear frames! in my opinion, I always spend more $$ on glasses – and splurge. especially if its something you’re going to wear 24/7! it’s worth it.

    1. I kept trying tortoise and black frames, but it’s hard to go back to the basics after these bluesies. I thought clear would be the perfect compromise =)

  3. Get the ones you really super love.. You are going to be wearing them ALL DAY EVERYDAY! haha It’s definitely worth it.

    1. Really super love–got it!

  4. I’m actually crazy about the Lookmatic design, but definitely invest a pair you’re mad about!

    1. Thanks for your input!

  5. I am on the hunt for new frames currently! I am done with contacts for a while. I am totally sad about it, and will probably go back, but I have been wearing my glasses 98% of the time. I love the warby parker and the J.crew. I would look carefully at the measurements and the shape. I don’t think splurging on something that you wear all the time ON YOUR FACE is actually splurging! xo

    1. If you are sad about it, why not still wear contacts? And I think you are right…this may not be considered a splurge at all!

  6. Amanda Wozniak · · Reply

    you have me wanting new frames now. maybe we can go together again when you are here!

    1. I was hoping for the J.Crew ones for reals though! I’ve gone to Lenscrafters so many times, there is just nothing there for me anymore =(

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